Learn How to Be Delivered From Witchcraft, Drugs, Sexual Perversion, Pain and all Addictions.

Exposing Hidden Sin

For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. (Luke 8:17). On February 10th 1998 I just completed a five-week prophets length fast that consisted of drinking only water and fresh juice after the Holy Spirit directed me. My whole life felt brand-new as I was naturally and spiritually awakened and renewed by the power of God. In that time and season I was preaching under a new prophetic anointing. I was so charged in my spirit that I felt I now had the power and the anointing like Jesus to heal the sick and cast out devils. But something strange happened to me three days after I completed my fast. As I was in my bed resting, all of a sudden I heard a great rumpling noise and my bedroom walls began to shake, then it happened! I felt an evil presence come into my bedroom through the walls and it grabbed me and I felt my spirit leave my body. The evil force took me down to a lower dark region. I saw many small demon spirits dressed in black robes surrounding me in a circle.

As I was in the middle of the circle, I began to fight each evil spirit one-by-one I was defeating them. Then I saw and heard a larger spirit dressed in a black hooded robe as he was approaching me say, "Let me get him, he has been destroying my kingdom long enough?. I remember trying to call out to my wife so she could wake me up from this horrifying dream but I couldn't. Then the larger evil spirit started to whip me with his long tail. In my sleep I could feel the awful stinging pain. I was losing strength. I was trying to call on the blood of Jesus, but nothing would come out of my mouth. Then I saw a light and I heard a voice say, "Fight him in your own strength".I remember putting my hands in the evil spirit mouth, placing one hand on the top of his mouth and the other on the bottom, and I began to pull them both apart. As I was pulling his mouth apart it was like I was ripping a bloody coat of flesh from off of me. I remember as I ripped this spirit in half from top to bottom, I stepped out of a bloody coat of torn flesh.

When I woke up, sweat was pouring off of me and I was out of breath. When my wife woke up she said, ?What happened to you?? I begin to explain the dream I had to her. The next day still shaken by the dream I told only a few people about the dream and my experience. Some of my preacher friends said; that I was going to have great power over Satan's kingdom, but for some reason that did not set good within my spirit. Three days later, the Lord begins to reveal to me what the dream meant. The Lord said, ?When you were down in the lower dark region fighting those smaller demon spirits you were winning, but when there came the larger evil spirit you started to lose?. The Lord then said, ?When you ripped the larger evil spirit into two and stepped out of his bloody flesh, that bloody flesh was you stepping out of your own filthy flesh?. The Lord said; ?Just because you fasted 40 days that doesn?t mean that you have arrived, there is still some nasty flesh in you that needs to be cut out of you?

Melvin Fleming is the author of his best-seller Purging of the Prophet For 20 years Melvin Fleming has preached from city to city and other States, preaching and ministering to literally hundreds of souls the message of salvation, hope, and deliverance. He is a bold, anointed, energetic preacher that is highly regarded for his gift of exhortation with a tremendous ability to deposit strength to broken and discouraged pastors and leaders.

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