Great Seats

And hath raised [us] up together, and made [us] sit together in heavenly [places] in Christ Jesus:

We are seated together with Christ Jesus in the greatest luxury box there is Heaven.

What a triumph we have is Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in God. Our seat with Christ gives us righteousness, sanctification, redemption and citizenship in Heaven. We cannot but be in awe of the gifts our Heavenly Father has given us.

The verb "made us sit together" is in the aorist tense. The aorist tense is characterized by its emphasis on punctiliar action; that is, the concept of the verb is considered without regard for past, present, or future time. There is no direct or clear English equivalent for this tense, though it is generally rendered as a simple past tense in most translations.

The Greek word for 'made us sit together' is sugkathizo {soong-kath-id'-zo} literally means to cause to sit down together, place together. How about that for great seats we are placed together with Christ Jesus.

'Heavenly' is the Greek word epouranios, a look at this word's definition.

1) Existing in heaven

a) Things that take place in heaven

b) The heavenly regions

1) Heaven itself, the abode of God and angels

2) The lower heavens, of the stars

3) The heavens, of the clouds

c) The heavenly temple or sanctuary

2) Of heavenly origin or nature

I like 1,b,1 'the abode of God and angels.

When I read God's Word and see things like this I cry out, "What a merciful God we have." I do not deserve this amount of grace and the hardest thing about my Christian walk is realizing what I really have in our Lord Christ Jesus.

Paul Griffitts has been a Bibical Researcher for over 30 years
Currently Paul is the Editor of The Good News Letter for Click here for a Free eBook The Two Natures in the Child of God

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