Gays and Lesbians Attempt to Distance Themselves From Catholic Priests

There is a new term being thrown around "phenophilia", no one can spell it and I cannot even be sure if this is the correct spelling. Even fewer know what it means; it is the molesting of teenage boys, which is different then that of pedophilia, which is the molesting and petting of children. Homosexuals are saying that in fact phenophilia is not homosexuality and they do not want to be confused with what the Catholic Priests have been doing to adolescents for the past 2000 years.

Many are labeling Catholic Priests as Homosexuals and there are many today in the church who actually are 'in the closet homosexuals' and a few which have 'come out'. Yet the big issues with American Citizens are the abuses, molesting of children and adolescents. This form of sexual deviance has ruffled some feathers of the gay and lesbian community in that they are disgusted with the thought of molestation and pedophilia. The Gay and Lesbian community is appalled at these things. Many critics continue to label the child molesting priests as homosexuals and say things like; "Its all Greek to me" or "what is the difference". Gay and Lesbians are up in arms and wish to distance themselves from the Catholic Priest uproar and are quick to side with mainstream America in a common cause against such ongoing acts of the Catholic Church.

The Gay and Lesbian groups in America may have to completely distance themselves from the church to stay out of the crossfire. Many Homosexuals tried to challenge the church on this issue and there is even a Gay and Lesbian Church in San Francisco, which unfortunately for the gay and lesbian community makes the case for easy labeling of Catholic Priests as homosexuals who molest young children. The Gay and Lesbian Associations are quick to point out that the Catholic Priests are not homosexual since they molest both boys and young girls, like the children and grandchildren in your family.

Around 2% of the American Population is Gay or Lesbian and they have a following of about 8% and growing. This trend has reached the ever 'so hard' to attain attrition rate and will become socially acceptable in the United States in about two or so decades; much the same as in Rome at the height of their civilization, before the fall. Many gay men aspire to be Priests and many Priests in the Catholic Church are gay. We may even have a gay Pope some day and some say this Pope just appointed leans that way? Many classify all Catholic Priests as Homosexuals that molest young boys.

It will be a hard fight for the gay and lesbian groups to reshape American opinion on this issue, but they are out in full force now on the speaking circuits admonishing the Catholic Priest's behavior and attempting to distance themselves from the Church. Many Jewish Gay and Homosexuals are quite appalled that the Catholic Church appointed a Pope, Benedict XVI, who served in the Hitler Youth, calling him the "NAZI Pope". Will the Gay and Lesbian Community be able to stick together and distance themselves from the Catholic Church, or will they become divided over the issue?

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