For Sale - God

A few days ago, I was watching TV, and I was surfing through the channels, and I came upon a very popular Christian teacher (I will call her Minister X for respect to her and her Ministry) Christian TV show. I am not a follower of Minister X teachings, yet I have heard her enough, to know two things about her. First she seems to be very solid in her bible teachings, as well as she seems to be very well respected in the Christian community.

The message she was teaching on was the "Power of your Words." Seeing that I too have several messages on that same subject on my website, I thought I would listen in on what she had to say on the subject. I was almost in a "wow" state, for what she was saying was exactly what I had preached and recorded for the website. I was really quite enjoying the message. Then it suddenly went off, and went to a scene where Minister X was setting at a table talking to the camera about what we just seen. At this time, I was not really paying much attention to what she was saying, for I was thinking that I had missed the whole message, and this was the end of the program, and this is where the Preacher usually sells the tape or asks for money, etc?

Well I was right, she was talking about the message that she just gave, and was saying "How God really helped her, in her life with this word." and "This message was the most important message that she had ever given" and "You really need this message." I have no problem with this at all, it was what followed that really turned my inter man into a spin. Just as soon as she said this, there was a pop up on the screen to order the complete 4 cd package (I think it was four, might have been more.) Then right after that, there was another segment of a different message, being on the same topic, and she went preaching again. Just as the first segment went so did the second. Minister X came back on and said "This message will change your life", "You really need this message", etc?.

At this point, I was starting to get upset, I felt in my spirit something was wrong, then segment three, came on, and again the same thing. Then I realized I was not watching a Christian TV show, I was watching a Christian Info Commercial.

Now for the record, I have nothing against Minister X, yet I used her, because I was shocked to see someone who I respected, and who I believe is respected in the Christian community, sell out Gods love, for money. Some might think that was a strong word for it, but that is exactly what it is. She, as well as thousands others, sell out God for money everyday.

The bible tell us in 1 Tim. 5:18 "For the Scripture says, "You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing," and "The laborer is worthy of his wages."

Matthew 20:8
"And when evening had come, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, 'Call the laborers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last group to the first.'

Luke 10:7
"And stay in that house, eating and drinking what they give you; for the laborer is worthy of his wages. Do not keep moving from house to house.

I will be the first one standing in line, to defend the role of the Pastor, Minister, etc. They should be able to have money. I think many of the Pastors today do not make enough money. This is a great job, and it's a very demanding 24/7 job. I believe unless the Pastors and Ministers do not know how to get into prosperity, neither will those who sit under, or listen to that Pastor or Minister. The man who works for the Lord should have wages given by the Lord.

Yet here is the problem, When does selling the word of God; sell out God? I ask this question. If Minister X message was so good, and that God really showed her something, (Which I truly believe He did.) why would you want to sell it? There is only one answer to that question, it's for money. Some might disagree with me on this, but it's the truth, if Minister X didn't want money from what God showed her, then she would not made an info commercial of the subject. My friends it's not just her that's doing this, its many of our top Christian leaders that are selling out God for money.

Who has the right to sell something of Gods to begin with? Do you really think that what God has given you, is original? Do you really think, for a minute this is the first time God has ever revealed that topic, or word to anyone? No. You have never had an original thought in your life. It was only be the grace of God that we receive anything for God. When God takes the time to show you something, it is for a purpose, not to make money on it.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like, if Jesus would have followed the patterns of some of our Christian Leaders today? Unless, you were able to go to the Jerusalem First Church of God to be able to see Jesus Christ live; you would have to pay for all of his teachings. Jesus would have healed all of the ones in the church, yet on TV, you would have to pay for the book on "How to get healed", or pay for the audio teachings to get "Saved". Soon, you would have had to buy "Pay-Per-View" to watch Jesus live in the Jerusalem First Church of God. What if the Authors of the book of Mark, or Matthew, or the great book of Hebrews, charged for what God told them? How about John, who had the revelation, of the book of Revelation? Now what if, when he seen this vision, he went and tried to sell the book? Or better yet, this Sunday when you go to church, what if you had to pay a cover charge to get in, or could only get half the message, but had to pay for the other part by your local pastor? This sounds so silly doesn't it. Well you can imagine show silly our Christian leaders are sounding to God. Jesus never tried to sell anything to anyone.

Matthew 10:8
"Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons; freely you received, freely give.

My friends give and it shall be given back. That is a spiritual law. How dare us, ask our own Covenant Partners, to pay for something, which is not ours to begin with. I can hear some people now, "How, are we going to make money for our Ministry, if we don't sell our tapes?" Well how about doing what Jesus did, give them away, and let God repay you for them? Listen it's not your Ministry, its God's. It is his responsibility to pay for the tapes, to pay for your rent, to pay for every need you have in your ministry. Jesus gave, and gave, and never asks for one cent from anyone. And the people gave to Jesus; in fact, Jesus didn't have need of anything. If you can not trust God, enough for that, then you really don't need to be in the Ministry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling tapes, or videos, etc? But would you give it away for free? Would you make a Christian Info Commercial and just give it way, with no strings attached? Do you believe what God has given you is so great, that everyone needs to hear it, nor you will not charge one red cent for it? Do you believe your own words that much? You see, people get all upset when you talk like this. They need money, and they can sell a tape, video, to make money, but that's not God's way, nor is it how He works. God is a giver, Jesus is a giver, and that is how, we should be.

For me personally, I would love to be able to sell my messages, and make money for my Ministry, but God says "No" give, and it shall be given unto you. So, every message that I have is for free. Even my Bi-Monthly Cd is free. Who am I to sell God? I give it away, for if the people truly are blessed by what I preached, they will give, they always have, and they all ways will. And I have always have had the money for my Ministry. Could you imagine the wonderful out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, if every Minister and Pastor started to get in line with God on this subject? Just think of the wonderful teachings God has given his Children, which are just sitting on shelves. People could have access to every type of message. There would be a great out pouring of Gods love and knowledge to everyone. God truly could reach the rich, and the poor, and the saved and lost. For God, would not be bound by the mighty dollar, from his own Children.

In Conclusion, I do want to state again, that I am not bashing Minister X, It is not my place to judge her, I think she is a great woman of God, and I do not want anyone to think that I am downing Her in anyway, but I do believe she, as well as many Christian Leaders, are moving away from the teachings on giving, and trying to sell their revelation that God is giving them, for profit. Who are we to sell God? Why not just trust God for your profits, and have the joy of knowing that God can use us, to help people, with out us having to make a buck off of it.

Daryl Frisbee Covenant Ministries: I have started this Ministry to help the children of God, to understand who they are in Christ. I have studied the topic of "Covenant" for over 4 years. I will show you, how to apply this covenant you have with God, in your everyday life. Topics of Prayer, Healing, Faith, Covenant, The Authority of the Believer, and more can be found on my website. These topics are in written Text Lessons, Audio Sermons, and Video Feeds. So come and learn your wonderful Covenant you have with your God.

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