Tale of an Ark

The ark must have been much larger than the dimensions in the Bible, 450' x 75' x 45', simply just would not have worked. There are 350,000 kinds of beetle alone. Not counting all the other kinds of insects. That is a lot of cages. The cages had to be made very well considering that at that time there were not items available for cage construction like plastics, glass and metal. That must have been hard work just dealing with the insects. Each bug has a different diet and environment.

There are 925 species of bats, 200 species of primates, 192 species of hoofed animals and 270 kinds of carnivores, just to name a few. Now wouldn't it have been difficult to keep the carnivores from thinking that all the other passengers, including Noah and family, were brought on board as their food? A kind of all you can eat buffet?

There are 2000 different types of rodents. Anyone who has ever had a rodent for a pet knows that you cannot keep them in wooden cages; they chew through wood.

It would have taken a really well built wooden cage to keep the lion inside from eating the antelope next to it. Or was this the time when we are supposed to believe that the big cats ate grain and nothing was caged? Have you seen the difference between a cat's teeth and a cow's teeth? Do you know why zoo animals are kept in cages or enclosures with specific species? They all do not get along. Some animals would eat each other.

Enough food for all these creatures is difficult to imagine. Fresh meat for carnivores would have been difficult especially since there was no refrigeration at the time. Plant food and fresh fruit would not have lasted long with no refrigeration either. Lettuce wilts and turns brown after a week in the refrigerator. Meat gets putrid after a short time in the refrigerator. Where did Noah get fresh eucalyptus for the koalas and bamboo for the pandas? Maybe Noah used tough love and made them all eat hay.

What about the dinosaurs? There were roughly 668 species of them. Some creationists say that the fossils found today are the dinosaurs that died during the flood. Why weren't they allowed on board? Did God just decide that He did not want them around anymore? Why doesn't the Bible mention these creatures, at all? Could it be because they were extinct by then? I have also heard the argument that they were on board. Has anyone seen "Jurassic Park?" Apparently not the people who include the dinosaurs on their vision of the ark. The idea that the large animals were brought on board as infants and eggs is impossible also. Make believe. How could they store all that specialized milk with no refrigeration. Who would keep all of the eggs incubated with no electricity?

This was an incredibly disgusting way of ridding the world of all the sin and it obviously did not work. Why did all of the animals except one pair have to die, what did they do? The babies and children that died were being punished for their parents sins, right? Then after all this, what was the point of Noah sacrifing some of the birds and animals that he went to extremes to save?

Some stories in the Bible are so implausible, how can we believe this is God's inspired word?

Jackie Wellman, author of Spiritual Clarity, http://www.hoppy.bravehost.com, http://spiritualclarity.blogspot.com

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