End-Times and the Other Bible

Can you imagine Biblical "End-Times" prophecies happening in your lifetime? Does thinking about disasters like the three days of darkness and the Wormwood predictions trouble you when you're alone in the still of the night? If so, the "End-times" knowledge in a Bible-era wisdom text called The Kolbrin offers hope through new insights. Parts of it were written in the very days when Jesus walked the Earth, and it echoes the warnings of the Bible, that we could be in the "End-Times!"

Unlike the rare and arcane texts used by Bible researchers, The Kolbrin offers a familiar way to understand Bible prophecy. Written with families in mind, it offers simple "you-were-there" style accounts of many of the disasters also mentioned in the Bible. As a historical text, it covers the period between Exodus and the last additions to the New Testament.


Within its 548 pages, The Kolbrin offers a profound collection of prophecies and creation stories. Published by Your Own World Books in both print and ebook editions, it is now available at Amazon.com and other popular Internet bookseller sites.

By reading and sharing this ancient text with others, you will deepen your understanding of the Nature of God because of the way it complements the Bible. While God used the Bible to chronicle the growth of a Nation, The Kolbrin chronicles the lives of those who loved Him, and in a manner that reaches deep into the soul of the reader.

From ancient times and different lands, the Bible and The Kolbrin contributors describe many of the same accounts. Focused on individual impact, The Kolbrin's authors make you feel the gritty darkness against your skin, hear locusts swarming in to destroy your crops, and then leave you to watch your livestock whither and die before you.

The Kolbrin also offers ancient stories that could have been excluded from the Bible during its first translations centuries ago. These ancient stories reveal new "End-Times" perspectives with breathtaking clarity. You'll read about "End-Times" harbingers such as the giant "sky-monsters" (meteors) that battled in the heavens above until God cut them apart and threw them down upon the Earth.


According to The Kolbrin, these "sky-monsters," precede and accompany the "The Destroyer," a massive object in a long-period orbit around our sun. What does it look like? They warn us it will "burns redly" as it enters the core of our system.

Mentioned profusely in the texts, the prophecy is clear. The "Destroyer" will return after The Kolbrin is revealed to humanity ? but could the ancients be wrong? Not likely. Our sun is more violent now than ever before in recorded history, and our planet is warming, as are the other major bodies in our system. Perhaps these are harbingers of the "Destroyer," as well.

While The Kolbrin offers somber warnings, it also offers hope. According to the ancients, the "Destroyer" is attended by "helpers" that can wreak havoc upon the Earth, or help humanity to grow in wisdom, and thereby, closer to God.


With the future of humanity at stake, the need for the common man to access the wisdom of The Kolbrin is paramount. The Kolbrin Citation System is designed specially for this purpose. Available only with Your Own World Books print and ebook editions, it speeds collaborative studies with a Bible-intuitive design. Optimized for popular ebook formats, it quickly leads readers to passages of interest in ways that were unimaginable to the original authors.

If the ancients are correct, the return of the "Destroyer" will happen in the near future. This makes the "End-Times" warnings of The Kolbrin a matter of urgency. For those with the foresight to prepare, it opens a doorway to ancient knowledge stretching back to the very days when Jesus walked the Earth.

For those on a limited budget, the publisher offers a special low-cost edition in the Mobipocket format. Also, most local libraries will acquire a copy of the print version upon request.

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Marshall Masters is an author, publisher, Internet radio host, and former CNN science features news producer. His titles include Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru, Gold Fever, Indigo?E.T. Connection, and Orange Blossom. He also developed the Kolbrin Citation System to help encourage collaborative analysis of The Kolbrin, a Biblical-era document, published in both print and electronic versions.

The Kolbrin: Your Own World Books, First Edition
Learn More: http://yowbooks.com/html/kolbrin.html
Free Samples: http://dx.doi.org/10.1572/kolbrin
Marshall Masters, The Kolbrin Citation System

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