Religion has Served Its Usefulness for Mankind

As the world becomes closer and closer together, there seems to be a problem with the World's religions. It is time to close them down. The hypocrisy in all religions is unnerving and shows a complete beak down of mankind's mental capacity and inability to cope with the current projected reality.

We see in the news today hate crimes in Muslim world against Christians and Jews. We see the prison uproar over literary books labeled as Holy? A book is a book; that is what it is. If it is a symbol and you worship that symbol then you are a pagan and you are not of the faith your claim to be from. All this crap about flushing Korans down military Prison commodes is hog wash and simply ridiculous? Even if it were true; so what? If flushing a book down a military commode gets a prisoner to tell us information which can prevent Americans or innocent people of any nation from being killed that is water well spent. Whoooosh, bring me another one? Hel,l bring me a dump truck load of them and build some larger toilets.

When international terrorists have used the Islamic faith to recruit suicide bombers to kill people it shows that the religion is too complicated for humans to understand who lack the brain capacity to comprehend the real meaning of the story in the book. A nice story indeed; but really let's get real about something. Religions are created to control mankind, nothing more. When all of a sudden an entire nation of humans starts seeing and talking to an invisible friend; well that is when we have a complete problem. When one nation's invisible friend tells them to kill all those humans who have different voice inside of their heads, we have a problem. When entire cultures are afraid of dolls possessing magical powers, we have a problem. When someone tries to tell you that in fact you will be re-incarnated as a cow, well of course you know that has to be true. When your religious beliefs tell you that you must have five living off spring to be considered a worthy woman, we have a severe crisis. Wake up little weak-minded humans, this ain't working.

Naming your kids Mohammed is silly. Naming your kids Jesus is ridiculous. There are 1400 Jesus' in Arizona prisons alone. I met Jesus too, although I do not have a relationship with him, he did wait on me at the McDonalds drive thru, I read his name tag. And he did serve me my hamburger, which was someone else re-incarnated but probably not Mohammed? Come on people think? How can you buy into this religious crap? Really human brain can be that stupid without practice.

How are we suppose to continue the forward progression of this species while all you silly little humans are running around spouting out your stories and quoting them line by line? This is not working; you folks need to realize there is no Santa Clause. Now stop fighting over semantics and verses taken out of context in modified literary works. Rulers before us made them up to enslave your minds and bodies. The purpose of these religions are only meant to have you surrender your selves to the whims of other men? Dah? Wake up people, what is your problem? I know you are going to go pray on it; so you can have the strength to figure it all out; right? There is no hope for a species, which denies the observations before them? You are all hopeless and you are all going to end up killing yourselves in the name of your God. Then civilization will rise again from the ashes with new names and new gods and start a new? Can't you people see the obvious direction your religions are taking the human race? Think on it; don't pray on it.

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