Why Me

Why Me

As a Christian I feel the need to say some things and it may offend some. For one just because I am a Christian that doesn't mean I am never allowed to get mad or upset. It doesn't mean I am always going to be in a good mood, and it doesn't mean you can run over me and I will automatically forget it. Why do I feel the need to express this to you? Because it seems when I have an issue or problem with some one they are quick to point out I am a Christian and am not supposed to feel?? Ok can you explain this?? I mean I am a human being with feelings, how can I not feel?

It blows my mind that so many people think one or two things about the people of faith, the first being that we are stuck up, second that we have no right to the feelings others have. Well I am, as a Christian, supposed to forgive you for your trespasses against me but that certainly doesn't mean I have to like it. I also am supposed to help others as often as I can, treat them they way I would like to be treated, but that doesn't mean I am supposed to allow you to run over me and use me. Got it? I mean I am one of the most helpful individuals you will meet. I will give an apology and accept it readily but don't expect me to say, "well you know you have done this to me over and over again but please go ahead and do it once more", uh NO!

I love people, can't say it enough, I do love you but you really drive me crazy with expecting something from me and you refuse to allow me the same respect. Why is it that when I allow, and it is me allowing, you to hurt me not once but twice some times three times, which by the way is a charm with me, you think I am being a horrible Christian when I say that was your last chance?? Explain please I guess I am dumb. How may chances does a Christian need to give before it gets redundant? I will forgive over and over but I am not going to let it go on forever. I mean the ties need to be broken at some time. I can't make an exception. I don't believe It says anywhere that I have to continue being used or what not, when I know it will happen again and again. It surprises me that anyone would think this is acceptable. But it seems to be the daily thing with some. Sorry I love ya, but I can't allow you to do the things that are harmful to my spirit and cause a rift between me and God, just because you think it should be that way. Please remember that when you are dealing with anyone individual not only Christians but people in general, God Bless You really!

Vaughn Pascal

Thank God and Jesus for the friends we do have and the ones to come! I love you Bub!

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