Is it God Descending from Heaven or Another UFO?

The world that we live in today is in imminent danger. It is in danger of believing one of the greatest lies ever told. A lie collaborated by the Catholic church. The possibillity has been mentioned that the Holy Bible is a fraud. That the God our country and civilization was founded on is based on a lie. There are people in our society who claim that The Virgin Mary was in fact pregnated by aliens. That Jesus never rose from the cross and went to heaven but was brought back to life by aliens. That every spiritial encounter in the bible was not with a heavenly being but with an alien. I do not personally believe this. I do however admit that people's theories of alien encounters and encounters in the bible have similar significense in our believes. In order for Christians to fight these allegations they and I must be more open minded to the possibility that maybe UFO's do exist. That they are mentioned in the bible; in Ezekial. I am not proclaiming that I believe there are little green men living on other planets, but that if men can have such an understanding of vast technology isn't God's understanding that much greater.

Can we say, absolutely; that God has never built or designed an aircraft that can travel throughout the heavens. Why do we insist on seeing God and his angels as beings with magical powers that fly around with wings and on clouds. Wake up Christians, before the whole world believes a lie that you can not rebute. After all; God created and designed man. That is a technology so far advanced that even today researchers spend billions of dollars trying to copy it and can not. Researchers now want us to believe that the God Moses saw was an alien. The Vatican himself has been quoted saying, "I belive in aliens." I believe that society has its believe backwards. I do not believe that Moses' God was an 'alien', but I do believe that the 'aliens' society have claimed to see today were in fact the sons' of God.

Written by Charlene Murphy.

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