Lutheran or Catholic Church; Choosing the Religion that is Best for You?

Many cities have large Catholic Church presence and well-established Lutheran Churches too. In choosing which church would be best for you, you will have to do some research. There are many differences between the two-churches and their theories and interpretation of literary works. The structures of their hierarchy in their churches is also quite dissimilar. Many of the churches of both established religions have Sunday type school and grade schools. This is not available in all cities but in many it is. For lifetime indoctrination into their realm it pays for them to have such schools.

Some of the differences you may not have looked into is the well-known sexual abuse and molestation which permeates both churches. Predominantly the Catholic Church as the media has re-enlightened the public to. Although every one knows or should have known that this has been going on for thousands of years. Molesting children is practically a tradition in the Catholic Church, one of many reasons very noble men came to this country on the Mayflower to avoid such hypocrisy.

The Lutheran Church is not known for molestation and we have only heard of a few cases of such over the years. The Lutheran Church is know now for the BTK Murderer, Denis Rader, who was arrested and admitted killing all those women. It appears that your child will have the possibility of becoming a BTK type if he or she is indoctrinated properly and then chooses to follow in his footsteps. Everyone is pretty sure that the BTK Killer will not be able to get off on a technicality of mental insanity. He is perfectly sane and has confessed to all 10 killings he has been charged with, and talked with detectives for hours after his arrest. Rader was president of the Lutheran church council and used the church computer to communicate with.

So when choosing a Church you will need to take into consideration whether you are worried that your child will be sexually molested or if you will need to worry about your daughter's life. Or perhaps your child may find the BTK his new role model. I can see that you will have to think on this before deciding which established religion to follow. Good luck and may the force be with you?

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