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Jesus as a Philosopher

Why does every one believe that Jesus is the son of God? That sounds completely silly indeed. The Bible has some interesting literary concepts and ideas worthy of mention and Jesus is said to have said some really philosophical things on the Sermon on the Mound. Why can't we just leave it at that? Jesus makes for a great historical philosopher in mankind's recent history only 2000 years ago. Not very long ago seeing as modern man from fossil records appears to over 160,000 years old, maybe older, although we do not have proof yet.

The Bible much like the works of Shakespeare is a wonderful literary work, which one living in nearly any period could use as an "Information Manual" to help guide them during their life experience. It is a bit confusing and very ambiguous, yet seems to have some darn good advice in some places. A person who wishes to spend their life experience deciphering such works as Shakespeare or the Bible should do so in an academic setting and probably not as part of any Organized Religion. Organized Religion seems to interpret such a work in a way which best suits there motives and not necessarily in your best interest; this is obvious on simple observation. My question to you is why do you bother to participate.

It seems rather silly to take all the good ideas and concepts in the Bible and argue over it and divide into sects or various religions, as it leads us to fight over the means. The whole of Christianity has become embroiled in controversy and divided. Why would humans do that? Why destroy the excellent concepts, which have been handed down thru the ages in this work? It is unfortunate to ruin all we have been given in that regard by the great character in history; Jesus the philosopher. Why can't we just leave it at that and work on the forward progression of mankind?

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Crux: Covering all things Catholic
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