Under Siege!

This Article is the result of another hard night of realizing the fact that the Church is falling into deception. This was a particularly hard night for me. The first 15 paragraphs of this Article were written while I literally balled my sorry eyes out. (I just had a major eye transplant surgery, so that was not a comfortable experience). I was happy that my wife went to bed before the tears started. I just felt so sorry and sad for the things that are happening in America today, as what probably amounts to the greatest country the earth has ever seen is reduced to another fascist, police state, basking in religious bigotry. I am not marveled by that too much, I mean this is what the kingdoms of this world do, it's no big surprise.

That the Church in America is lending wholehearted and vigorous support to this stuff however is just tragic. Anyone who has read any of the stuff on this site knows, that the primary thrust of our ministry here is to present, primarily to the church and Christians, the reasons why the Word of God does not include any justification for the Church's involvement in the affairs of these kingdoms. This Article is yet another attempt to bring that truth fourth, and to call the Christian back to his original ground, which is holy ground, not the grounds of "justice", "freedom and liberty", "political activism" or "civil duty", or revenge in the name of Jesus.

The Word Of God

It never ceases to amaze me, the level to which the Word, and even the existence of God is under attack in the world today. All manner of questioning and denial, as well as out and out blasphemies are being committed on a regular basis. Most of the population of the world is living under the "bliss of ignorance". Nursing the most improvable, nonsensical hogwash ever peddled on the people of the world, namely the entirely bogus, and hoax ridden theory of evolution, simply because it allows men to continue to confess that there is no God. They are reveling in the ignorance that allows them to live lives of self centeredness, and insatiable pleasure seeking, while "living in the now". Stuffing to the back of their souls the notion of the coming reckoning with an almighty God and refusing to retain God in their knowledge, the only time they speak of him is to say things such as: "If there is a God, then how come..."

They can blame him in their hearts for everything wrong in the world, but to give him Glory for that which is right, and for that which is beautiful, they refrain. Man has the utter audacity to stomp his foot and shake his fist towards God when things don't fall just right in his life, yet deny that he exists when called to repentance and obedience. There are those who get out of their $50,000 SUVs and walk into their marble lined workplaces, wondering why if there is a God, are there so many starving people in the world? They can decry the terrible tragedy of hunger impoverished nations and claim that there is no God, while the western nations hold 80% of the world's wealth, and 10% of the world's population.

They say Islamic Men are taught to hate Christianity and capitalism to the point where they are taught that they will be rewarded in heaven if they strap a bomb to their chests and kill women and small children in the name of Allah, an act that some of them commit as early as the age of 17. Men commit war on other nations because they won't bend to their will, they feel threatened, or because it will in some way benefit their people, or even worse, just because they get some kind of a power rush out of ordering the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. To top that off, most of the world's wars are fought in the name of God!


These are all tragic realities that face the world in the 21st Century. In every country on the face of the planet there is now fear, hatred, and death. It is not hard to understand that people live the way they do, when they have no belief in the God of heaven, when they have no moral code that they allow to govern their hearts, and even more so, when they don't know the truth of the salvation and love that can be found in Jesus Christ. The sense of reality and purpose that comes when a man realizes that his life is a time during which he is meant to please God, by benefiting others, loving his neighbor, caring for his wife and family, and to have a one on one relationship with the Father of all of the living is missing. I feel so bad, as I look at the hopeless masses as in those pictures above, and realize that there is no help for them in this world, especially when they utterly refuse to acknowledge God, and turn their hearts over to him. When men change the image of God to a God who would have them kill, and torture even women and small children, delusion takes a place and eventually rules the day. This is evident in the middle east today, and American Christians call it "radical fundamentalist Islam".


But now, let's take a look at the most astounding tragedies that are happening in our world today. It is hard to believe that there could possibly be tragedy more hideous than those listed above, tragedies even more unbelievable than those...

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