The Toilet Philosophy

Dr. Robins' observations are beyond mere intuition, they include an attunement with what Bucky Fuller called Synergistics; there is so much for mankind and modern science to learn about what the shamans and/or Druids knew and created. We are all lulled into a sense of security when we proclaim our science or the five senses provide the fullest inspection available. It is all so wrapped up in the psychology of ego. There was a Harvard study that concluded we only get one third of our wisdom or knowledge through linear logical processes, some years ago. I will return again and again to the eloquence of this MAN, so 'open', that he can see the chasm between the myths of science and the reality of legend. Hopefully we will collectively enable each other to join him across the bridge that fords this chasm. We can overthrow the 'Toilet Philosophy'.

Throughout our total cultural history man has sought to order and make sense out of the chaos that creative integration of energy and consciousness allows. How many times has some small magic or replicability encouraged even the wisest adepts among us to imagine they can control nature? This nature that the ancients knew was God is a powerful and deeply connected force throughout the universe according to the boiled down interpretation of all the things man calls religion or cults. Mircae Eliade is a great scholar who knows all religions and systems on the face of the earth as well as any other soul hereon. He has written numerous books on the subject and like most attendees of the Eranos Conferences I respect him a great deal. Here is a brief insight comparing two of the most creative and adept ways that man has yet developed.

"?both Tantrist and alchemist strive to dominate 'matter'. They do not withdraw from the world as do the ascetic and metaphysician, but dream of conquering it and changing its ontological regime. In short, there is good ground for seeing in the tantric 'sâdhana', and in the work of the alchemist, parallel efforts to free themselves from the laws of Time, to 'decondition' their existence and gain absolute freedom.

The transmutation of metals may be ranged among those 'freedoms' which the alchemist succeeds in enjoying: he intervenes actively in the processes of Nature ('prakrti') and in a sense it could be said that he collaborates in its 'redemption'. (Biblio: This term has not, of course, the same significance as it has in Christian theology.)" (1)

Roger Bacon was a good alchemist and monk who spent some time in a dungeon for his efforts to bring Christianity out of the Dark Ages and back to Nature ('prakrti'). He is like a lot of adepts in that he chose to dare and be courageous enough to risk his life for the cause of human emancipation. It is known to them all that they could join the paradigm and do very well, if they keep their mouths shut. Ignorance after all, may be bliss ? but as the Greek sage did say, it is not blissful to be ignorant. The fullness of bliss comes most when God is harmonizing and things fit the Divine Purpose. That is a very biased way of saying what creative utilization and intelligent design does contemplate, but it is good enough to describe what I hope can occur.

It appears to stupid and simple 'me', that the secrets of science are worth sharing and enabling all mankind with. Through open examination rather than pedagogical pedantry of proselytes, the proletariat might well understand and seek fairness from the priesthoods of greed and power. Time may not be on our side but we can create amazing things if we can garner enough energy and spirit to the common cause of all men in Brotherhood. With just a few trusted people who have the ear of the populace a new ethic could quickly evolve or return. The possibility presented through honesty and a willingness to nurture and negotiate has been the realm of women and thus they became the designated scapegoats of the 'Original Sin'. Our soul innately knows the truth of Brotherhood and the appeals to ego are not more powerful than a soul allowed to speak to the mind, without interpreters who sell fear and salvation.

The soul is very connected to the harmonic interplay of all energy and the earth has vectors and valences as well as vortices of energy. The Gaian scientists like Lovelock were on the right track but he was usurped and marginalization of his concepts resulted. There is a great deal of research ongoing in the realms and chasms Dr. Robins addressed and he may be quite correct to have used the word SECRET in the title of his book.

Some people think things are different now, and that there is a move towards ecumenicism such as the Iesa or Iesus concept wanted in Brotherhood. Here we see the nature of that so-called ecumenicism today.

"I was delighted to hear; recently, that a few hundred representatives of different faiths met during a special United Nations forum in New York called the 'Millennium Peace Summit.' Pleading to stop violence in the name of religion and promote tolerance was one of the main messages that came out of the summit. Great; that effort at unified spirituality is what we need in order to promote world peace.

But only a few days later, the Vatican through its Doctrine of the Faith Office (the CDF), which not so long ago was named the Office of the Inquisition, issued a document (Dominus Iesus) announcing that not all religions, including other Christian denominations, are equal and that only the Roman Catholic Church is the proper church. One step forward, two steps back. Go figure." (2)


1) The Forge and the Crucible, by Mircae Eliade, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1956 by Flammarion, 1978 by Eliade, 2nd Edition, pg.129.

2) Shortcut to Spirituality, mastering the art of inner peace, by Bob Gottfried, Ph. D., Deeper Dimension Publishing, North York, Ontario, Canada, 2004, pg. 43.

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