The Coming War with Russia

The Coming World War III [with Russia]

In my book, "The Last Trumpet?" I write about prophecy, and World War III, which I wrote about five years ago; thus, I have not wrote much on it since, which I fear, I should have. Many things have happened in the past five years, besides me traveling around the world ten times, and writing book after book, World War III has been gearing up; how so? Let me explain. First of all, I was an Ordained Minister, in good standing, in l993 (I have since left that area, for my own personal reasons); I wrote out the Manuscript, of "The Last Trumpet?" in l984, sent it to three clergy I knew, and one person died of the three, and I he misplaced it when I went to find it; so it was lost, as was the second one to the second clergy, and mine was misplaced for 13-years. Then my mother told me I need to get it out no matter what, she died in 2003, I had gotten the book out in 2002, so she got her wish. Anyhow, they used it for Bible Study, in prophecy in Haiti, believe it or not, so the pastor wrote me and told me. But let me get the premise here.

We are presently, somewhat friendly with Russia, but it will not remain that way. In the book of Ezekiel, prophecy foretold Israel shall return to their own land, and now we see this has come to pass. I do believe Iran will be directly involved with the invasion, as will Russia, as they plan to invade Israel in the near future. That is one of the reasons we are in Iraq, believe it or not; we are a buffer. Look into chapter 38, verses 1 and 2, Ezekiel mentions Gog, the land of Magog. If you ask a Russian what is the top of the Caucasus Mountains called, he'd say, "The Gogh". Magog, with his tribe, left Asia Minor and went to the southern part of the land we now call Russia. Thus, Russia is going to play a major part in the war to come in the Middle East.

These are the times, Israel's last Holocaust you could say, is coming (that is, a war, and then the Holocaust). The people to come up against Israel will look like a cloud. Two hundred-million, military forces will come against Israel. China can boast that now with their reserves, so it has been written; that is two thirds the population of the United States. Those who have mocked the Bible, look closer skeptics, look at 2 Peter 3:10, there you will find a clear definition of the atomic warfare as is contained in any library. '?the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." This is the end, end times; Russia will hit Israel before her last strike; when I say her last strike I'm jumping too far into the future, but not that far. First comes the war with Russia, and then the 200-million military force.

Dennis Siluk, you can see his book at his site, or http://dennissiluk.tripod

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