Planetary Alignment

Planetary Alignment is said to have magical powers. Some believe during these rare occurrences those living in that time-period have the ability to change things. Other believe that Planetary Alignment can cause catastrophic seismic activity changing gravity waves and causing hell on Earth with Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We are pretty sure that even a complete alignment of the Planets since they are so far apart will not cause any major shifts here on Earth. Yet many believe that there is some changes of forces during these periods which only last a 1-3 days total.

On May fifth of 2000 we had one of the greatest planetary alignments in 1000 years. John Mosley wrote a scary article called "Cosmic Doom in 2000!" and it caused quite a stir. Not quite as much as the Y2K fiasco prediction, but it did make many of the Major Newspaper's headlines. Mosley wrote the planets will align in May of 2000 and the world will end. He called this catastrophic calamity the "Jupiter Effect" and claimed death and doom of Epic proportions. He further went on to connect this impending alignment with Nostradamus' predictions. In 1962 on Feb. 4 all five planets and the moon passed within a 17-degree circle at the same time as an eclipse of the Sun and of course astrological enhanced minds wanted to know what this all meant?

The book; "Doomsday 1999 A.D." written by Charles Berlitz in 1980 also sealed the fate of the entire human race on the May 2000 day. Yet again as we know we are all still here and nothing happened at all? No more or less Earthquakes than in any other average May on Earth. The fact is the mathematically due to the distance between the planets the chance of Doom and Gloom just is not there. Scientifically and Mathematically, it does not work. The apocalypse will probably not occur due to a chance meeting of a row of Planets around our Sun. man/conjunct/conjunct.shtml

The chances of you dying in an automobile accident or being hit by a lightening bolt are about a trillion times more probable. So, then is planet alignment a good thing as many who study astrology believe? Perhaps there is some super spiritual period one might take advantage of during this period? Although as of yet science cannot prove or disprove the astrological powers of such cosmological events, some believe it is so and believe it so strong they often display advice to followers on websites.

What do you believe? Do you believe your belief is causing these things or do you attribute your astrology to the changes you feel during planetary type or near planetary alignments? If so you may not be alone in such beliefs, as you seem to be in a large group of company and minds, which are focused on such events. So think on this a bit.

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