Homo-sexuality and Christianity

Romans 1:16-1:32. Can there be a compromise between the two: can a gay person become a christian and still retain a gay life style? It seems that the last twenty years has been a difficult time for Christians and especially ministers. The social impact on ministries has been a large one. There have been many that have tried to get the church to under go a change in its approach to sin.

Evangelists have a different style of preaching than the ministers or pastors of the church based ministry. The evangelist has been given by the spirit a unique approach to delivering the gospel. It's a type of hell fire and brimstone approach. The evangelist works well on the topics of the day and at times is ridiculed by not only the lost but sometimes by the church. Doesn't the scriptures state that, we all minister, with the ability that has been given to us? Yes it does.

There have been articles in the papers, lately, talking about christians in some churches, that want us to be more tolerant to the gay community's and accept them as christians in our churches. But my question, knowing the scripture, is this, 'Where in scripture does Jesus say that a christian, can willfully sin and disregard the laws of God?' It Doesn't. This has become a unpopular topic with a lot of christians, it seems that no one wants to express their opinion on the subject. Where does Jesus say that ministers would be popular or even accepted in a sinful society? Jesus told the disciples, which, by the way were ministers and preachers also, when you go into a city and was not accepted, brush the dust off your feet as a testimony AGAINST them.

The society today, thou, wants us to be, religious and sin tolerant, toward any one with opposing view points. I'm not pointing out any particular church or organization, I'm pointing out what Jesus told us, that would happen. "In the days of Noah."

Remember Soddam an Gamorriah? When Jesus spoke the truth, it was truth. After 30 years preparing to preach, Jesus preached only 3. Look what they did to Him, look what society did to our Saviour, look what the self proclaimed righteous people did to Him without sin. The religious intolerant and sin based society, crucified our Lord, for telling the truth about sin and repentance. We were all guilty of sin, our righteousness was as filthy rags, before God. Those of us that are saved, are saved by the grace of God, and those that are lost are lost because they haven't repented of the sin they commit willfully.

Was Jesus afraid to go to the cross? Look at the prayers at the garden for your answer, ponder what He said, and then answer this question. Are we afraid in telling the truth, are we afraid of retribution for standing up for righteousness, didn't Jesus tell us that we would be hatted above all men for our belief in Him? What was the condition for our admittance into the Family of God, what was our promise to Jesus if He would forgive us of our sins, what did we vow to God, so that we could be called by His name? My promise to Him was to, turn away from sin. Pretty simple isn't it. Is that too much to do, to inherit eternal joy, to inherit eternal life with Jesus? So then if it isn't, why all the talk about being tolerant to sin, sin of any kind, the word says, that if you transgress against one law then your guilty of all the law.

Most christians that I've talked to don't understand that, in God's eyes a thief is just as guilty as a murderer. In God's eyes a lier will go to hell the same as an adultress. The biggest thing I've noticed in the last couple of weeks is a deceiving spirit, getting into some christians, having then to believe that civil unions between gays, is alright, the newspapers from coast to coast are printing articles from well meaning christians, calling for piece for all gay christians, even the schools from east to west are calling for faith based creation stories to be replaced by the theory of evolution, stating that the children are going to be confused if they are taught both.

We all need to pray very hard, for God to intervene in our children's behalf. Don't allow this spirit of deception deceive you; call sin what it is and reach out to the gay people and tell them the truth. If they continue in their way of life, they will never be able to enter into the kingdom of Heaven, but a devil's hell awaits them. God condemned it; we have to also.

Scripture references Gen19;1-28, Romans 1;16-32.

Temple of Spirit & Truth Ministries
A.R. Smith
Sermons International Life Time Member of T.I.A.C.T.
http://www.ourchurch.com/member/a/arsmithse rmons/

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