Gods Billboards Invade Cyberspace

Once upon a time, Americans traveled the highways searching for the latest word of God. But not anymore! Those same roadside messages, plus a batch of new ones, can now be viewed anytime at home on your own personal computer.

Do you remember the original billboards? Someone in Florida started the ball rolling with eighteen messages in white type on black billboards all "signed" by God.

South Florida motorists spotted such disarming "quotes" as:

* Let's meet at my house before the game. -God

* C'mon over and bring the kids. -God

Others messages spoke in a friendly but more serious tone:

* What part of "Thou Shall Not . . ." didn't you understand? -God

* That "Love Thy Neighbor" thing . . . I meant it. -God

Fast forward six years and we find that God, like the rest of us, now prefers sending his messages through cyberspace. If you want to see the latest trend, here's where to go:

Click onto God Speaks.com (http://www.godspeaks.org). Their graphics will grab you. Also, you'll find all eighteen of the original sayings as well as nine brand new ones at the same web site.

Like the originals, these new "quotes" vary from witty to thought-provoking. For instance:

* All I know . . . is everything. -God

* If you must curse, use your own name. -God

* The real Supreme Court meets up here. -God

If you are looking for quantity of "Godspeak" messages, Inspirational Message - God's Billboard (http://skywriting. net/inspirational/messages/gods_billboard.html) wins that category with 141. And they actually invite you to send your own entry. Care to create God "quote" No. 142?

On the lighter side, and most of their messages are on the lighter side:

* I told Noah to swat one of those two mosquitoes. -God

* Don't be afraid . . . I'll keep a light on for you. -God

Others carry more of a message:

* To all the unborn, I love you . . . I love you . . . I love you. -God

* No matter how you nurse a grudge it won't get better. -God

And their site even serves up a few puns:

* Pray up in advance.

* In the dark? Follow the Son.

If those witticisms aren't your cup of tea, click over to Victoria Station.us (http://victoriastation.us/God's%20Bill boards.htm.) Many of these fifty-two anonymous "God speaks" come straight from the scriptures. Is it effective? See for yourself.

Simple white print on black background warns us:

* Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction. Don't follow the crowd. -God

Or asks us:

* When I was hungry, did you give me something to eat? -God

Others directly challenge skeptics:

* Make up your mind; is Jesus a lunatic, a liar, or my only begotten Son? -God

* Would you give up your life to perpetuate a hoax? Neither would Stephen, James, Peter, or Paul. -God

Still others attack the prevailing wisdom of our times:

* Evolution is the mythology of fools. -God

* If I didn't exist, neither would atheists. -God

Say, do you think people really ought to be signing God's name to their own words? One "quote" seems to answer that very question:

* My word is sufficient. Beware of those who add to it or subtract from it. -God

Entertainment or inspiration, whatever the attraction, the internet "Godspeaks" continue to grow in popularity. You may smile at some, chuckle at others, and possibly wince at a few. But if you enjoyed the originals, you just might find some golden nuggets among the newer generation too.

Check them out. One thing they are not, and that's boring!

Mr. Boone is a sailor, author, webmaster, and cartoonist. His works include THE SAFETY LINE - EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN, an apologetic study published 1998, and Victoria Station.us a popular joke, quote, cartoon web site. He is also a contributor to "Christian Living in the Mature Years" magazine.

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