For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves: My Own Abortion Story

(Parental discretion advised)

Please forgive me if you find any part of the following message offensive. I realize that, because so many people receive these messages from so many diverse backgrounds, there will be those who have conflicting views regarding the subject of abortion. There will be those of both genders who have been involved with an abortion in some way. They will have their views and I'm entitled to mine as well.

To these, I have this to say: IF abortion is murder as some say, and certainly we all acknowledge murder as a sin, Jesus is the only alternative for having those sins forgiven just as I've had my many sins forgiven, for mine are no less offensive to a Holy God. We've all sinned and have fallen short of His glory, Scripture tells us. So, whether we're talking about abortion, rape, murder, lust, greed, rage,'s all sin and only the blood of Christ can save any of us.

To those who believe abortion is murder and is, therefore, wrong, I have this to say: I'll stand by as you cast that first stone. People who hurt people are hurting people and need our compassion, mercy and help. NOT a condemning finger pointed at their faces. If you feel compelled to fight for those who cannot defend themselves, don't blow up an abortion clinic or handcuff yourself to one of its doors. Don't carry a bigger sign or yell louder than those across the line. Instead, give them water and set up a portable pavilion to provide shade. Love them and see if it doesn't open up the door for intelligent dialogue and ministry opportunities. They'll know we are Christians by our love. Even our enemies will recognize that. Simply put, what would Jesus do? He died for His enemies.

To those considering abortion, I have this to say: I'm sure you'd agree that in order to make good decisions, we need good information. Agreed? Please consider and even pray about the information contained herein. Go to Pro-Life as well as Pro-Abortion websites, bearing in mind that they cannot both be right. People are either lying to you or telling you the truth. That's the way life is. If a statement isn't true, what else can it be but a lie? Right? There are no half-truths or white lies. Something is either true or false, despite today's culture that resists absolutes.

Here's a tip: check out the leadership, the founders from which a group's philosophy flows; its roots. For example, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. Her first handbook, published for adolescents in 1915 and entitled, What Every Boy and Girl Should Know, featured a startling afterward in which Sanger wrote: It is a vicious cycle; ignorance breeds poverty and poverty breeds ignorance. There is only one cure for both, and that is to stop breeding these things. Stop bringing to birth children whose inheritance cannot be one of health or intelligence. Stop bringing into the world children whose parents cannot provide for them.

Personally, I cannot side with a woman with a philosophy so contrary to what Jesus Christ taught. You can make your own decision in this same way.

Here's my story.

For 14 years, I was not at liberty to discuss the details of which you are about to read. The contents of this article are being written and spoken about openly with permission in recognition of the fact that others my be helped. Hopefully, many others.

I became a serious Christian in February of 1987. Prior to that, I had merely "played" at being one and went through my own series of self-righteous, often sickeningly pious, religious motions. By all outward appearances, I was a better "Christian" than most Christians. Fact was, I was married to my work as an Art Director in the crazy world of Dallas advertising. I went in early and came home late and, though I was faithful to my wife, I shared more of my soul - my mind, will and emotions - with the ladies at work than I did with my own spouse, the mother of my 3 small children. My family got second-best from me. Maybe even third.

One Saturday afternoon, my wife came home from running errands and tearfully told me an awful truth: she had become pregnant through an extramarital affair she was having. She had gone out to have an abortion that morning - an abortion that her lover was "kindly" willing to pay for - but she simply could not go through with it. While both of us cried, I forgave her as I had already made up my mind long ago that abortion was wrong. More on that in a moment.

A few weekends later, my wife had taken our three children to visit their grandmother out of town, leaving me all alone with my thoughts. What I'm about to tell you are the ONLY details that I can actually recall regarding a telephone call I had late that night with a Catholic priest whom I had apparently gotten out of bed to take my call. I needed to talk to somebody - ANYBODY. Having been raised a Catholic, calling a Catholic Church out of the Dallas, Texas phone book was all that felt comfortable to me at the moment.

I couldn't locate that priest again in a million years. He may have been an angel for all I know. One thing I'm sure of is that God gave him the exact words to speak to me at that precise moment in time. After sharing with him the details, plus the fact that I had since decided to raise the child as my own, he sighed and said, "Wow, know, Joseph raised a baby that wasn't his...."

Friends, that was ALL I needed to hear. I knew in that instant that, with God's help, I could manage. I do not recall any more of the conversation. I do not recall even saying 'good-night.' What I DO recall was turning around to see who was in the room with me as I suddenly felt a very distinct presence. As I turned back around, I felt the Lord's arms wrap around me in a warm, reassuring embrace.

I was experiencing a peace that passed all understanding.

Sixteen years later, that little girl is a beautiful high school sophomore of whom I am very proud. Though her mother eventually divorced me while the child was an infant, eventually re-marrying a completely different man, only two years ago, she and her husband and I agreed it was time to tell the young lady - our daughter - the truth. Currently, she is forming a relationship with her birth-father, his wife and her two sisters. By God's grace, the best has been made of an absolutley trying situation.

One look at her and anybody would wonder how anyone could - even for a minute - have considered abortion as a viable option.

(There is MUCH more statistical data regarding abortion, incest, and the right-to-life issue that cannot fit in this section. Therefore, I now present the closing paragraphs Please write me at [email protected] and request the remainder of the article. Thanks!)

What can Christians do?

I have resisted the urge to broadcast regarding this topic for a long time. Too political. Too emotional. Not spiritual enough. But the Lord has apparently given me the green light. I HAD to obey.

I could never have aborted the wonderful, beautiful young woman I raised from birth and know today. I've given her my name and she is my daughter and she calls me 'dad'.

I have met the former Evangelist-turned-talk-show-host of Life Today, James Roberson, himself a product of the rape of his mother. His ministry is feeding and clothing neglected children across the world. Millions of children have been touched by this man's ministry.

In the early days of Christianity, when Roman orgies were often producing unwanted children, these newborns were often tossed over the wall to be devoured by wild anmals or die of exposure. It was Christians who would gather up these children and raise them to know and love God.

Moses was a baby who was saved as a result of a woman with a heart of compassion, and he eventually led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Jesus himself was raised by Joseph, a man who was not His biological father. All of us who have come out of darkness and into the glorious light of Christ have received the Spirit of adoption and are now the sons of God, co-laborers with Christ, heirs to the throne, and brothers of Jesus.

Raise a baby that is not your own? Assist those who do? In these dark and evil days, where 4500 babies are being aborted EVERY DAY,such situations are more and more likely to occur and touch many of our lives. There IS another way - not a politically correct way, but a CHRISTIAN way - of looking at these situations. As always, as in every instance, there remain no natural answers to this spiritual problem. We cannot lobby, vote or protest these problems away. People need more from the Church than that.

They need what we Christians claim that we have; the answer to all the world's problems. They need Jesus.

Once again, the Body of Christ, this Army of God, must resist the urge to merely REACT to a situation. Rather, we must ACT according to the example our Savior has set for us.

(Prov 31:8) "Open your mouth for those who cannot speak, and for the rights of those who are left without help."

Since 1999, Pastor Michael Tummillo has been broadcasting his eMail messages to tens of thousands of people across the planet. Possibly, millions as a result of FORWARDS. Not only are other on-line ministries posting his messages, but others are publishing his articles in their newsletters and newspapers and teaching and preaching from them.

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