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Two Principles That Can Change Your Life Completely

First principle: You and the universe is one.

In order to achieve higher level of awareness, we must accept this unity consciousness. We have been told that we are all separate beings, we are all different, and we must be important. The truth is that we are all one, the entire universe is one. We're one being called human being. At the deeper level, we are all connected.

You and I are the same, you and the universe are the same. I am the universe localized in me, you are the universe localized in you. The intelligence gave rise to you, also gave rise to me, to the universe, and to all that exists. You are the extension of that intelligence, I am extension of that intelligence, so is everything else. we are all one.

The understanding of unity consciousness is really important to our spiritual growth. It is easy to be said, but to truly feel it and deeply accept it in your heart, we really need to think deeper what this really means to us. Since you and the universe is one, then where does your desires and intentions come from? They must come from the universe, they must come from the higher intelligence. Your desire is the higher intelligence's desire, your intention is the higher intelligence's intention. Once you understand this and truly believe it, You will no longer need to struggle. because you know at the moment you have your desire, the it is guaranteed to be manifested by the higher intelligence, because your desire is the intelligence's desire, As long as you don't put any resistance, your desire will quickly and easily come true.

Think even deeper what the unity consciousness means to you, Since you and the universe is one, therefore, everything that can possibly exits is already inside you. Everything you desire is already given to you. You don't have to go out to look for it, it is already inside you. When you deeply feel and believe the possession of your desires, it will quickly appear in your material world.

To extend the understanding of unity consciousness even more, let's discuss the relationships you are in.

What is relationship?

Principle Number 2: Every relationship is a mirror of yourself.

Everything you can see or sense is an extension of yourself; Every relationship you are in is a reflection of yourself. Understand that we are all one being, what you see in me is actually what is in you.

"I am that , you are that, all this is that. "

By understanding that relationship is a mirror of yourself. you can use relationship as a tool for your spiritual development. Think about every relationship you are in, who do your respect most, who do you like most? Think about what do you like about this person, what about him or her you respect most? You will discover these traits that person processes is exactly the same traits that you want to develop. What about a person you most dislike? What traits or characters this person has? These are the characters you most want to deny. Now you will see very clearly who you are, what is your true self.

However, to truly bring peace into your life , you need to accept both light and dark side of yourself. Think about negative qualities of the person you don't like. Since whatever you see is a reflection of yourself, , you will find the same qualities exist inside yourself. You and the person are the same. Once you understand this equality, you will stop judging, and you begin to accept. Accept both the positive qualities and negative qualities of your self, don't deny. Recognizing negative qualities of yourself, simply means you are complete. Nobody can have only positive traits.

Once you understand relationship in this way, you begin to have peace in your life. You will see everyone as yourself, and send them love. You no longer judge people by their skin colors, religions, or cultures, you see them as your self.

To help you practice this understanding in your daily life, I would like to introduce a word to you. I learned this from Dr Deepak Chopra in his book "The spontaneous fulfillment of desire". The word is "Namaste" (nah-mah-stay). It means "The spirit in me honors the spirit t in you." Whenever you come into contact with another person, say "namaste" silently to yourself. As soon as you do this, the other person will unconsciously feel your respect. Practice this for a few days, you will be amazed how much better your relationships become.

Let's discuss deeper about your relationship with others. Since you and everyone else is one, then what you do on others is literally what you do on yourself. What you cause others to feel and experience will come back to you and multiplied. If you want to feel happy, make another person feel happy. If you want to experience success, help another person to succeed. Send love to everyone you meet, offer them help as much as you can. You will quickly experience the same in your own life.

God bless you. I send you love.

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