How To Build A Worldwide Distributor Network

When your product is market ready and has a good bargain, it will be no value to you if you don't know who's going to buy it, or how you are going to tell the world about it. Your product will only sell if it has a good wide distribution network.

Let's say that you've written a "Guide to" make $120,000 a year compiling and selling mailing lists. You calculate the production cost of $1.50 per book in lots of $1,000. The advertisement will cost you $1.50 per book. This brings the basic cost of your book to $3per copy with a paintsticking survey you found out you can sell this book at $10per copy. Thus making $7 gain per copy. That's not a bad business. The problem you're going to encounter here is selling the book. Lets say you're the best sales man in town selling the book, it will keep you busy 25 hours a day, 8days a week, 366 days a year doing it alone.

The best way out of it is recruiting as many people as you can to help you do the selling. You need to give your agents an offer they can't refuse. Let's use this example, a $10 book that costs you $1.50 to produce 1,000 pieces. You could cut your profit $1per book, and sell it for $2.50 per book for people who buy in lots of 100 pieces and let them do the advertising and selling.

This is setting up your own distributor network. Thus, make up a series of "Dealers Wanted" ads and place them on many different publications as you can. The national "opportunity" magazine is the best place to place your ads and place them in many different publications as you can.

To actually get these interested opportunities seekers to sell your products, you will need a dynamic sales letter and seller's kit to send out in response to your advertising. In addition to your sales letter, you should have at least three camera-ready opportunity seekers to advertise your product. They should include a classified ad, one-inch display ad, and a larger 2- column by 3-inch ad with blank spaces for insertion of his own name and address.

You should also include at least one full-page camera ready circular he can use as an "Original" in ordering printing of his own direct mail circulars. I don't advice an "up-front" charge for dealer's registration fee. It has lots of disadvantages mainly Great number of people who might want to try selling your product might be discouraged when asked to pay for it.

In contrast to this, if you charge for the dealership set up, you should include a sample of your product for the more elaborate sales kits and expensive products, most people ask for deposit, which Is refunded after a certain number of sales are made by the dealer. Don't mention charges more than $5 in your "Dealers Wanted" advertisement but instead explain it fully in your sales letter.

In summary this is how you set up a dealer/distributor network. Get other people to sell the product for you! You can, and should be prepared from the beginning before you place first dealers wanted ad, and proceed only as you can afford the advertising cost for profits of sales of your product. It's simple, and it's easy, and it can make you rich! I hope this report has motivated you with an entrepreneur spirit, and that you act on it.

About The Author

Emma okafor, an online market researcher and writer. His blueprint success in online marketing is available in his site

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