Essential Training Skills for Managers

Today's manager lives in a world where change has attained Mach speeds. What holds good when you go home may not apply when you return in the morning to work place. Such a tremendous pace of change takes a heavy toll in terms of a dispirited and de energized workforce.

World class products and services can only be produced by workforce which is highly energized. And a high level of energy is derived by a skilled and knowledgeable workforce with the right attitude.

In this scenario keeping pace with the knowledge and skills for himself and of his people is the key to managerial success. An ongoing training is the answer. Each manager must ensure the up gradation of knowledge and skills at his level rather than wait for the elaborate process of need identification, evaluation and availability of trainer and schedules before any training can be implemented. Basic training skills are an essential repertoire of a successful manager.

So how does one get started?

The first step in any training process is your own Need Analysis.

Who better than you as a manager of your department or team to identify the needs and plug the gaps. The needs analysis can broadly focus on three areas.

1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Attitudes

Make a list of what is urgently required in any of the three areas listed above by your direct reports. The check list can clearly tell you what can be handled quickly at your end and what requires more specialized training by external sources.

Identify major gaps in skills and knowledge that can be handled by you without outside help. Attitudinal areas may be more difficult to handle at your end and more specialized intervention might be required. Skill areas may be tackled easily by yourself or one of your team members who are skilled in the desired area.

Your job is not to become a trainer full time. Look at problems which need immediate correction and focus only on them. For the more complex and long term change requirements go to your training department.

Prepare a short one or two hours a week training program to correct the gaps.

That is all it requires. You are on as a trainer.

A manager as a trainer has the distinct advantage of not having to wait for the elaborate process of identifying training needs, setting up a training calendar and selecting the trainer etc.

A quick intervention at your level can make a major difference to your productivity levels. Above all a good leader needs to be a good teacher and a trainer.

R.G. Srinivasan is a Certified Trainer, Writer and Author with more than two decades of managerial experience. He writes a regular blog on management issues and resources at

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