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Dogs are great teachers of how to sell easier and better. And if you think about a dog's life, it's quite a pampered and easy one. Some dog behaviors can serve as models for do's and don'ts for salespeople.

Dogs mark their territory.
Do what you can to stand out in your industry or in your working geography. The better you customers and prospective customers know you, the more you control your territory. That's as much as anything can be controlled!

Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public.
Let your clients and prospective clients know how much you care. The simple remembering of some previous personal bit of news they shared with you the next time you meet somewhere expresses that care.

Dogs miss you when you're gone.
What if your customer gets a postcard from you on THEIR return from a trip? Or what if you called your customer from YOUR vacation?

Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out.
Are you clear on what your role in sales is? In general, it is to increase revenues by getting the order; it's to get the business; it's to help more customers buy more of what you have.

Dogs do not play games with you - except fetch and then they don't laugh at how you throw.
Your customer might play games with you. They might throw you a buying sign by asking for more information. Or they might give you the go ahead on an order and later cancel. If you go fetch for these, note your reaction. Examine your reaction's appropriateness to the situation. You may have to adjust it to keep on playing.

Dogs understand what NO means.
In sales a "no" early in the process usually means that the customer needs more information about what you have that will solve their problem. Later on a "no," maybe you want to backtrack and discover where you may have gone off track with this particular customer. And when you hear a "no" remember, dogs admit when they are lost.

But doggone it those dogs don't know everything. They have their faults too.

Dogs are bad at asking you questions.
And if you and your customer are not in synch, a few good clarifying questions can help you get back on track. Learn to say things like, "Gee, I must not have been clear on that point. You seem to have a concern, Can you help me understand what it is about?"

Dogs don't know how to talk on the telephone.
In today's world of communications we want to be better on the telephone, with beepers or pagers, with emails, with faxes and with anyway we communicate with our customers. Take some time to evaluate your effectiveness with each way you communicate. Then plan to improve each area one at a time to get better results.

And when we get the buying and selling working more easily, as in a dog's life, remember: Be ready for a tummy rub at a moments notice! Be ready for your sales to come more easily and in greater abundance!

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Pat Weber is a coach, certified telelcass leader, and corporate trainer. With her incisive, effective communication skills, her services can help you to accelerate professional and personal results you want, by helping you increase your choices and build your self-confidence. With personal coaching, a teleclass, an online email course or on-site workshop, get what you want, more easily and more often. Visit her website at Contact her for a free coaching session.

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