Maximize Sales and Minimize Returns with Learning Styles

In the day-to-day operation of an online business we can sometimes lose sight of what we want to achieve as opposed to how we actually go about achieving it. For us to achieve our goals of financial independence and time freedom we need to have customers. Most peoples understanding of customer acquistion stops at this point.

One of the key factors in getting a customer to buy (literally) into what you're selling is engagement. You must engage their minds, engage their desires, engage their dreams and their hearts. That being said the next and most obvious question is "How?"

Part of any sales process is how the potential customer learns about your product and how valuable it can be to them. People learn in a variety of ways and approaching the wrong person with the wrong delivery method = zero results. Think back to a time when you dealt with a good sales person. Do you remember their body language? Their facial expressions? The volume and tone of their voice? A good sales person understands that to keep you focused on what they're selling they also need to use visual expressions, hand gestures, positive tone and maintain eye contact. Any distraction can mean the end of the sales process.

For a customer to get the most out of your website, ebook or software you need to deliver the information to them in the most engaging possible way. Multiple forms of information delivery gives you the best possible chance of appealing to the widest audience.

So how do people learn and how can this benefit you and your business?

The three different types of learning:

Auditory - people with an auditory learning style have a strong appreciation of words and remember details easily. Emotive language and words that paint pictures and bring out the passion in your product will be most effective with this type of person. Both audio and video are very effective for auditory learners as is reading the material aloud.

Visual - presentation is critical to visual learners. Shabbily presented text, typos, bad grammar, bad graphics or anything moderately confusing to look at will cause the visual learner to lose interest almost immediately. Charts and diagrams will be remembered before reams of plain text. Watching somebody actually perform the steps involved can be very beneficial. Words can be used to paint a picture in the minds of a visual learner quite easily. If a visual learner were to read the words "pink elephant" they'd instantly picture a pink elephant in their minds. Some of you reading this have just experienced this.

Tactile/Kinesthetic - learn by doing or by by praticing what they've just been shown. You can spot a kinesthetic learner from their tendency to tap their feet or exhibit similar rapid leg movement whilst thinking or in learning mode. A kinesthetic learner is a hands-on learner so spreading practical demonstrations or exercises around your ebook or software product will really grab this type of learner. Kinesthetic or tactile learers need to be involved in the process for it to have any meaning to them.

What does this all mean? It means that online businesses are missing 66.6% of their potential market every time they produce a product that only targets one learning style. Auditory learners cannot wade through 300 pages of an ebook but would gladly listen to a 6 hour audio transcription of the same ebook. Visual learners need colourful charts, diagrams and pictures properly displayed to benefit from the experience. Kinesthetic learners need to be engaged quickly with practical exercises - the "put the ebook down and go and do this" type of activity. If not they'll grow bored and move onto something else.

Is it possible to combine all these learning styles into one single product? Of course. You don't need to develop an entirely different product for each learning style. Combining your ebook or software with some audio and video instruction modules or beginners guides would cover all the learning style bases. Variety of information delivery is the key.

In finishing ask yourself one question: What would a 66.6% increase in customer response do for your business?

About The Author

Niall Roche is run by Niall Roche. The site offers reviews of affiliate marketing ebooks and software as well as advice and tips for new and existing affiliate marketers.

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