Manifesting Money

You are a money magnet. Money is flowing to you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. You're probably wondering, "Then where is it? Why don't I see it?" The reason is that you don't yet believe the first two sentences I wrote.

If your consciousness cannot imagine, visualize, understand and fully know something it is practically impossible to physically have this thing. Therefore, if you think of money as an elusive, scarce thing that you do not possess enough of then that is how money will be for you. If you view money as something that is ever-plentiful and always surrounding you like a river in which you blissfully bathe then that is how money will be for you.

Many of us have a negative viewpoint about money. It seems that money is the gatekeeper to so many things that we want to have or achieve. But the truth is that we are ourselves the gatekeepers, each of us individually. We are wholly responsible for our lives, including whether we are prosperous or lacking.

The key is the knowing that not only are we responsible for our lives, but that we have the power to shape our lives as we see fit. Now I know this may be a lot of information to process. So, if you need to you can cut this into smaller bites. Just allow yourself to open up to the possibility that what I say is true, that you hold the power to create your own reality, and that money can be a delicious, joyful experience. Just let the possibility exist in your mind. How does this possibility feel? Another possibility is that you do not hold this power, and that money is nothing but struggle and lack. How does this one feel?

One of these possibilities is positive, and the other negative. Now, I'm guessing since you're reading this article that you have an interest in manifesting money. So the first step is to decide whether you would like to focus on the positive or the negative. If you choose the positive possibility, then you are making a decision to no longer be a victim of life and of money and to take charge of your reality. If you choose the negative possibility, then you are content to stay within the confines of territory that you have already explored, which is also fine. Everyone travels a different path, and we all grow at varying speeds.

Now, I'm finished talking about the negative options. I want to get to the fun of the positive play that can be had when you decide to take the reins in your own life. Changing one's consciousness about money is not necessarily a quick process, but it can be a glorious journey. The first thing I like to do is focus on a desire, an outcome of this shift in consciousness. What is it that you really want in life? Take a big leap out of the box, and write down the biggest, wildest and most decadent dreams you have involving money. You can do this as a list or even as a story about your personal triumph. Don't be "realistic". And don't try to imagine how these wishes might come to fruition. We have all been taught to think small, now allow yourself to think BIG!

Now, one last seed to plant in your consciousness. Allow the possibility that all of these dreams can come true. Remember, if you do not believe it it'll be pretty hard to manifest it. Your mind is the drawing board for the blueprints of your dreams. Use it!

Copyright 2004 Alexia Alderson Chamberlynn

Alexia Alderson Chamberlynn is the Co-Owner of Prosperity Power Training, LLC, a national training company specializing in e-learning, life coaching and live group training. To contact Alexia or sign up for free services such as a Free 7-Day Training Program, free monthly newsletter and free quote-of-the-day club, visit the website at Alexia expects to release her first novel in 2005. Alexia lives in Florida with her son Gareth.

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