The Universal Laws Of Attraction

You know it's funny how some people just seem to have all the luck in the world. Infact in some cases it almost seems to be unfair. Or to coin a phrase - "The rich get richer" or "To them that hath, so shall more be given" something like that...

I never really understood what this meant, but was always told that if you think rich you will be rich! Or if you think like a winner you will be a winner!

For instance I just watched an episode of the "Amazing Race" last night where Rob and Amber (the survivor winners) rose up from 5th place to 1st place. So far they have won 2 1st place prizes out of 3 events. It seems that they can't put a foot wrong. Rob always seems to makes the right decisions at every challenge. They have come into the game as winners and continue to play the game as winners. Rob even mentioned that he was born lucky (what an incredible mindset to have)!

The trick is to keep you dominant thoughts on what you want and off of what you don't want. This can be very challenging in that sometimes its hard to think like a winner if everything and everyone around you makes you feel like a loser.

What I try to do is mentally block out any events and circumstances that may have a negative effect on my mind mentally, and then anything that cannot be blocked out I deal with. For example - if you want to lose weight try not to hang out with friends that eat regularly at takeway places, or if you do hang out them, make sure it's not during eating times like breakfast lunch or dinner. Now, think about "How to" lose weight 24X7 for 21 days and you'll be amazed what your mind comes up with. Your thoughts will lead you to investigate diets or eating plans that make sense for your current situation.

After 21 days of continuous thought, you will have created a success habit. The Law of attraction will bring into place opportunities and events that are consistent with your dominant thoughts.
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