Insecurity, Dont Get Sucked In Because Women Dont Like It

Woman hate a man thats insecure. They hate a man that dies for a woman to get their attention and they hate a man who is insecure with the decisions he makes. Below is a few examples of how to not be insecure. If your doing them, stop. Its that simple.

Getting sad/emotional. Ok, so she doesn't let you listen to your music in the car on the way home from your first meet. Don't get emotional. Don't have a cry how she doesn't let you listen to your music. Change it back and tell her when shes driving she can choose the music. She will get the idea. How does she expect you to be when she plays her games and breaks your heart? She thinks you will fall over dead, because woman loathe being admired for all their worth. Be strong and don't show the soft side of you for stupid things. If your having a bad day don't sulk. Woman want strong men, don't sissys. She will understand that you don't need her approval, which brings us to our next point.

Don't ask for her approval. Where should we go for our first meet? What do you think we should do? A woman likes a man who is in control. Don't run every second question by her, she will think you cant lead. You need to take the initiative and decide for yourself where you are going with her. Don't ask for her approval! She wants someone who is strong and makes decisions, not a wimp who lets the girl get her way all the time.

Don't be fake. You can argue that as your learning this stuff, your being fake if you try it. Wrong, if you read enough of this stuff you will change yourself won't be putting it on. However, when you go out don't be fake! Girls can detect if you are being fake which just begs 'look at me', thus showing you are looking for her approval. Screw if she gives you approval or not, run everything and do everything YOUR way. Girls hate show ponys. It is ok to be cocky, but if you are constantly doing smething to show off she will be instead put off by your need to try and impress her. Remember, she should be impressing you. Thats the key. However don't forget your cockiness a funny way.

Don't be argumentive or talk negative. There is a girl I know who is negative about everything. She isn't ugly, about a 6 but I would not touch her. She can't hold a conversation without an argument or talking negative. It drives me up the wall, and it would to you to if you heard her. Its the same with woman tho, they don't want to hear about how you have had a crap day. They want to know that you have been so busy. That the reason you didn't get to her on time was because you were busy at the gym, looking at your new apartment, etc. Girls want someone who is fun to be around, not some boring old fart.

Don't hang around her. If you follow her around, bang your following her and you are answering to her ...thus insecure. DeAngelo talks about this a lot. Let yourself make up the call. Talk to her for 5 minutes at a party, then leave and go flirt with another girl. When the girl sees this she will wonder why you arent after her, your leading the situation, your not insecure. Don't follow her every footstep, and don't be the annoying guy that never leaves the girl alone (even if you are in a bloody 2 year relationship).

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