Practice Building: Create a Powerful and Targeted Call to Action for Your Prospects

A "Call To Action" is an invitation for your prospective clients to actively engage you in some way- directly or indirectly.

Most prospective clients, even if they are very interested in working with you, often need a way to build a relationship with you in bite-sized pieces to work up to engaging your services.

Effective marketing will ALWAYS include a SPECIFIC, EASY, TARGETED, COMPELLING, and usually FREE, call to action.

Everything you send out can and should include a call to action; e-mails (in the signature line), web site, flyers, business card, advertising, announcements, newsletters, even the outgoing greeting of your voicemail system.

Three Types of Calls TO Action


-Please forward to your interested colleagues

-Your feedback would be appreciated!

-Please reply and let me know what you think

-If you find this valuable, please pass it on to someone you care about

Provide Value

-For free e-book

-To register for my free e-program?

-Visit my web site for

-To schedule a complimentary sample session

-For free assessment

-Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter

-Listen to free audio program

-For your free copy of "5 Steps To Success"

Toward Closing

-Register by ? to qualify for early bird rate

-Bring a friend for 50% discount

-100% satisfaction guaranteed

-Let me show you how?

-For more information?

-Contact me and start your new life now!

When a prospect acts on any of the above, they are interacting with you and become a warmer lead.

The three types of calls to action have different purposes and timing, and your marketing efforts should include a combination.

What can you invite your prospective clients to do, what can you offer them, that they would be likely to act upon, that would build your relationship with them?

California-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach, David is founder and CEO of Relationship Coaching and BuildingYourIdeal, and the author of How To Build Your Ideal Practice In 90 Days and the How to Get Clients Toolkit. You can visit his website at and subscribe to the free monthly Getting Clients Newsletter, and get access to our f'ree monthly Practice Building tele-seminar, and 3 other great bonuses.

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