Business Intuition: Using the HeartMind

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the reality of intuition for getting information which is remote in space-time. Remote is a euphemism for "can't be explained using currently accepted physical laws." However, respected scientists have studied the ability of humans to gather remote information... and, we can... but, we can't explain it.

The primary thesis is that nonlocal consciousness in a nonlocal universe has these abilities. Nonlocality is the word used to evoke the concepts of the collective unconscious, the Oversoul, quantum interconnectedness, etc.

The experience of intuition varies from episode to episode, person to person. Often polymodal, it engages sight, hearing, implicit knowledge, or a variety of sense experiences combined. Sometimes it is dream-like and has "other-worldly" qualities. Often it is accompanied by a sense of peace. A typical outcome involves learning something relevant you already know implicitly but are not aware of consciously. It is a sudden insight, certain knowledge that arrives without "effort", or an inspiration.

Having an intuitive experience is like having a conversation with truth and sourcing one's own higher power. Unlike "facts" which presume a reliance on someone else's information, intuition is a direct experience that is self-evident and self-validating. It is either meaningful or it is not.

In the global economy today we have enough technology, ability and capacity to blow ourselves up or to heal every human illness, or want.

Heartmind intuition or intuitive intelligence is a powerful tool for our continued evolution. When it is clearly engaged within a business or personal environment it reaches into a far greater awareness. This awareness is the connection of the heart beyond space/time. The connection shows us the domain of unknown events, people and potential.

Businesses and governments have used this ability for years under the name Remote Viewing. Remote viewing can best be defined as the controlled use of Extrasensory Perception (ESP) through a specific method. Using a set of protocols, the remote viewer can perceive a target - a person, object or event - that is located distantly in time and space.

A remote viewer, can perceive a target in the past or future that is located in the next room, across the country, around the world or, theoretically, across the universe. In remote viewing, time and space are meaningless. Remote viewing is different from ESP because it uses specific techniques, which can be learned by nearly anyone.

No one is certain how remote viewing works; only that it does. One theory is that trained remote viewers are able to tap into the "Universal Mind", a kind of comprehensive storehouse of information about everything, where time and space are irrelevant.

Remote viewing is usually considered a controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness, and it does not typically involve an out-of-body experience, hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, or channeling.

Highly skilled remote viewers may achieve a success rate of nearly 100 percent and may be able to access a specific target nearly all of the time. However, all of the data obtained may not be completely accurate.

Several different factors are involved regarding successful remote viewing and some targets may be more complicated to reach and to describe than other targets. As with most other skills or talents, the level of remote viewing ability varies from person to person.

To attain new visions, we must engage all of our abilities. Much business practice is adaptive innovation based on benchmarking. Real innovation is a new vision, a new dream that is actualized.

© 2005 Christopher Stewart

Business intuition expert Christopher Stewart has a proven track record of the effectiveness of his skills as a strategist, consultant, adviser, and teacher. A natural intuitive since childhood, Christopher has traveled extensively throughout the world, and worked internationally with clients since 1981. His corporate experience includes government organizations as well as public and private companies in the technology, media, and professional services sectors.

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