Five Keys to Make Your Cold Calls Sizzle

Do you clam up on the telephone? An advertising rep called the other day to sell some ad space in a local news magazine. After I said, "Hello," there was nothing but monotone dialog until I interrupted him a minute later. It sounded like he was reading a script... but he wasn't (I asked).

When you make calls trying to sell your products or services to your prospects, don't forget to be yourself. Here are five simple tips that will help.

  • Smile -- it can be heard in your voice.

  • Stand up -- it helps you breathe.

  • Look In The Mirror -- it will help if you can see what your face is doing. You'll convey your message better.

  • Listen -- remember it's about your prospect, not about you.

  • Be Personable -- act like you're talking to the person face-to-face. It makes the process easier.

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