To Be A Cut Above The Rest!

Mannerisms and personality traits go a long way in making impressions on other people. Some people unknowingly have mannerisms, which humor others. Some people have mannerisms, which obviously show that they are tense - wiping their face with a handkerchief or nervously twiddling their thumbs or even a lot of stammering when they talk.

During a conversation with someone, smile for no reason, and people start wondering what is happening to us. Even smiles have to be rationed in order to present us as a sane person.

Notice speakers in public forums tapping the microphone 3 or 4 times, have a bout of cough, clear their throat before starting a speech. These actions obviously create an expectation among people that they would be hearing an interesting speech. When a boy and a girl talks to each other one can observe how the guy has a foolish grin on his face all the time while the girl nods her head and keep raising the eyebrows and flutter her eyelashes.

Some are found to eat upto their last morsel of food in the plate and keep licking till the plate dries off. This happens in places where eating with hand and not using spoon is a practice. They don't bother about the morsel spilt and dried on their dress. Worst is when some use their fingers to help themselves from the dishes which is open for all. We can also observe how when drinking out of the straw, not willing to spare the last drop and willing to do justice to the money paid for the drink, one sucks deeply till the gurgling sound is heard. Getting used to these bad etiquettes lead them to get stuck to them as mannerisms.

Some would like to show off their uniqueness especially in a group where when friends order a Pepsi or a cola he or she would go in for a hot coffee.

Physical mannerisms like closing the eyes, scratching the chin or cheek while talking is another show-off to show signs of wisdom which one might not possess but wish to prove. Verbal mannerisms in order to gain attention like when a friend meets another..There is a loud" Hi" repeated 3 or 4 times." HI HI HI HI" or one loud " Hiiiiii " and clasping the other's hand tightly to indicate he is so close to the other one (No one knows what is running in their mind though!)

Some have the mannerism of nicknaming the other persons and especially in families; one can observe them hollering strange names much to the embarrassment of the nickname holder! It is also fun to watch people sleeping in buses or cars mindless of their heads dropping on to the others shoulders!

The list goes on and on. How then do we create first impressions? The key is to learn to use correct mannerisms in a variety of situations such as in meetings with parents, in the classroom, at weddings and funerals, during mealtimes or in the home. Correct carriage and poise, social elegance, effective body language, are all enhancement techniques to improve mannerism and be a cut above the rest!

HPriya Sivan

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