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Telling Your Story of Success

We are often asked to tell our life-story. I wasn't aware of it when it happened to me. When I was asked to tell about myself, I rambled on and on. Talking about anything that came to my mind. What I did not know then was that I was being asked to outline the structure and laws of success that were operational in my life.

Has it ever happened to you?

You are sitting in front of the panel. It is your big day. So far, everything about the interview has been a breeze. The panel seems impressed with you. And then, someone asks you to tell them about yourself. What do you say?

Many a panelist has heard pathetic sotries whenver they ask someone to tell about themselves. You can tell a better story about your success.

The request to tell about yourself is a request to outline toyour listeren what it is that makes you a success. It can be the beginning of your downfall or it can be the one thing that turns the situation around for you.

One thing you can be sure of is that the questioner is wondering which directin you are heading, and what is in it for them. It might happen in a job interview situation or a presentation where you are trying to get a deal of a lifetime.

Unless they hear in your story a meaningful place for themselves, your story is but a drawl. What is imperative during this time is that you tell a story that not only appeals to the listener, but is also coherent.

Tyour listener, your life-story is supposed to give the impression of a confluence of events in your life that are inter-linked and unfolding. Looked at from a big picture perspective, such a story should make sense. In a coherent life-story every piece has a designated place it is going to fall into.

A coherent life-stroy compels your listener to trust you because it tells her that in the midst of uncertainty and where others would be losing their heads, you remain stable. It tells them yu have a strong foundation for success.

If what you are saying convinces your listener that you are a focused leader and visionary, why would they hesitate to trust youi? And if you are perceived as a visionary, there is a possiblity you have this ability to see opportunities where mere mortals experience complete darkness! Do you see the point?

Coherence is based on two things:

  • a sense of continuity
  • an understanding of cause-effect dynamics
  • You see, a sense of continuity comes from being able to slot the present moment neatly between the past and the future. An understanding of cause-effect dynamics is about knowing that a causes b, and whenever b happens it is preceded by event a. No myths, no superstitions! Coherence is he glue that holds everything together in the midst of change.

    So here you are, facing the panel. You are asked to explain how you maintain coherence in the midst of the change that is occuring in your life. The panel wants you to tell them about your sense of continuity and your understanding of cause-effect dynamics.

    You are asked to tell a story that sasy, "I handle all my transitions with prowess, because there is continuity in the midst of my change. Also I am clear about the cause-effect dynamism. Yours should be a story that tell you understand how the end will come about. Not only that, it should be a story that declares that you are the intiator (and not the victim) of the changes that are happening in your life. It is your opportunity to say, "I apply certain laws of success in my life".

    It is advisable therefore to get your story right and to take it seriously becuse it has the potential of turning your life around. Before we conclude, see how many of the following apply to your story:

  • does you story project you as a successful person?
  • are the 'trials and tribulations' in your story catalysts of success?
  • One day it is going o happen to you. You are going to be asked to outline the laws of success that are operative in your life. When that happens, what are you going to tell?

    You may want to learn about the laws of success that can enhance your life. To change your life now, visit with Ke o agile at This is an NLP focused ezine that coaches creating abundance through understanding the laws of abundance and the systems of success.

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