Dr. Seuss?s 3-Step Selling Process

Hello Everyone: Here's a unique look at learning how to

"I am Sam. Sam I am. Do you like green eggs and ham? Would
you like them here or there? Would you like them in a box,
would you like them with a fox?"

Most people have read the Dr. Seuss tale "Green Eggs & Ham",
either as kids or to their children. What is interesting is
the connection this tale has to selling. Learn from Dr.
Seuss to build your sales.


"Sam-I-Am" Selling Technique


1. Sam is selling a product, initially, to an uninterested
prospect, yet it doesn't deter him from asking for the sale.

2. Sam consistently offers the prospect a choice when trying
to close the sale.

3. He refuses to give up. No matter how many times his
prospect says "no," Sam keeps offering alternatives. He
offers fourteen options before finally closing the sale.
This isn't suggesting that you pester your customers. It
means not to give up too early (most people do, you know).
They hear a couple of "no's" and they develop mindsets like:
marketing is too hard for me, I don't like to market myself,
or I just don't have the personality to market.
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If you are a business owner, the buck stops there, and it is
your responsibility to ask the prospect for a decision. You
cannot expect a prospect to do the work for you. They like
to be asked. They want to be asked.

If you have been effective in learning about their specific
needs and presented the appropriate solution to your
prospect then you have earned the right to ask them for the
sale. Here are a few selling techniques that will help you
reach this point:


Go On, Tell Me More

Avoid diving in before you know what you can do for your
client and you thoroughly understand what business
challenges they face. Use open questions to gather
information and avoid jumping to quick conclusions. Listen
carefully and ask for clarify on anything that isn't clear.
Ask them to elaborate by using communication prompts such as
"uh-huh," "tell me more about ____," and "what else?"


What About Options


When its time to present your offer, give them at least
three options or choice of solutions that meet their
specific needs. Explain the benefits of each option, and if
needed, discuss the drawbacks of each alternative. Do not
present so many options that the decision becomes
overwhelming. Be prepared to narrow down your options to two
or three that best suit them and then present those.


Speak Simply

Dr. Seuss used very few words and left such a big impact.
Follow the leader on this one. Speak in terms they can
understand. Avoid using any terminology they "may" not
recognize. When in doubt, side with simple. Case in point;
when I began using computers, I talk with people who are
extremely knowledgeable in their area. They kept throwing
out terms that I always needed to look up or ask for
explanations. I choose not to work with these people
because of this one issue


Hug the Objections


Recognize that objections are a natural component of the
sales process. It's common for a customer to express
several objections before they make the decision to commit
to the purchase. Don't take these objections personally nor
assume that it means the other person is not interested.
Understand that your prospect will likely have specific
concerns about making their decision. They will need to
justify their decision to their spouse, friends or family
and they want to be able to answer their questions


Clarity and Probing


Clarify their objections and uncover their true hesitation.
Give yourself permission to probe to find out what is
preventing them from making a decision. In almost all
instances, your prospect will provide you with the
information you need to respond if you keep your approach
charge neutral.

Learn to handle objections in a non-argumentative, non-
conflicting manner. When you uncover their true objection
keep your response brief and to the point. Talk very little
so that it doesn't seem like you are trying to justify your
product or price or talk yourself out of the sale.


Variety is the Spice of Life


As long as you do not pressure them into making a decision,
they will not be offended by your request. Develop a variety
of ways to ask for the sale and have the confidence to ask
asking every qualified person for their commitment.
Recognize that most individuals want you to give them
permission to say yes.


The SIX A's: Ask, Ask Ask, And Ask Again


Take a lesson from Sam and learn the importance of polite
persistence. The most successful sales people ask for the
sale seven or eight times and don't give up at the first
sign of resistance. Research shows that this persistence
earns double or triple amount of revenue for these

Use these selling techniques and win like the Sam You Are.

Dr. Seuss web site with the original story and other games
http://www.seussville.com/seussville/t itles/greeneggs/

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Writing Coach, specializes in product development, Internet
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