Powerful Words

Hi, I'd like to discuss the most powerful words you can use during the selling process.

Quote: Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind. Rudyard Kipling.

Plainly, THE MOST POWERFUL WORD is YOU. You should be looking to use the word You in your sales meetings a lot more than you use the word I. As I've mentioned before the idea is to be focused on your client's needs but I'm sure this is restating what you already know.

I want to discuss words that you can use in your speech that will make your language more effective at controlling the thoughts of your prospect.

OK, let's assume you have established Rapport with your customer or prospect and you have identified a problem they have where a product you offer could be useful to them.

The idea then, at this point in the sale, is to control the internal representations that your customer is making in their head. What I'm about to offer is a linguistic pattern that focuses your client's mind where you want it to focus and just about forces them to accept your concepts and ideas as true. Now, STOP ? and just image how useful it would be if you could easily do that.

The Power Words are:

Naturally Easily Unlimited

Aware Realise Experience

Before During After

Among Expand Beyond

And As Causes Because

Now Stop

Now you may be thinking what's so special about these words?

Well, they become much more powerful if you follow the rule below.

Rule: Always put adverbs before the verb and adjectives before the noun!

(Truthfully, the words above are only examples of the types of words you can use and I have produced this abridged list merely to help you focus on the learning task at hand, i.e. how to incorporate these words into your sales language. Once you have done that you'll find that you just naturally start to use other similar words in your speech.)

So let me go straight into some examples of how to use these words to good effect.

Have you ever found yourself saying? "Could you make the change from your current supplier to us?" Well, that is just a question and your prospect could just as easily say "No! I can't"

What about, "How could you make the change from your current supplier to us?" Now, that is focusing your client on what you want them to be thinking about (i.e. how they could change to using your product or service) but you're leaving a door open for them to say that they don't know how.

What about the sentence below? "How easily could you make the change from your current supplier to us?" Now where is your customer's mind focused? Not on whether they could make the change, nor on how they could do it, but on how easy it could be. They could still say "it would not be very easy" but notice that they are still likely to use the word "easy"

Also, notice that I did not say, "How could you make the change from your current supplier to us easily?" Because, the first thing that would enter your client's mind is how they could make the change and they would already be considering the answer to this question before they ever heard the word easily (if they heard it at all).

It's subtle and it has a profound effect.

Let me give you some more examples of sentences using these words.

"Have you discovered how easily you could make a consistent product if you used our improved raw material?"

"Naturally, you'll find more than enough reasons to go ahead today even if you can only see a few of the unlimited benefits that our product provides."

These "power words" become even more powerful when you stack them into a sentence. The more of these words you use in a sentence the harder it is for your prospect's conscious mind to filter out the inferences these words are forcing them to make.

"Once you begin to easily absorb this information, you'll naturally discover the unlimited potential it has for readily making your communication infinitely more effective." (Perhaps this sentences is a bit over-the-top?)

"Have you become aware yet of the many ways that our product could help in your production?" (The inference being there are many benefits and you will become aware of them at some point in time.)

"After you experience our product , by using it in your plant, you will realize the many ways in which it will easily improve your end product" ( infers you'll try the product and there are many ways this product can benefit your production )

Here are some more examples for you.

"Naturally, as you start to realize the unlimited ways you can easily become aware of how using our product will help you to rapidly and effectively accomplish your goals, you'll start imagining the success you can really achieve with our help" ( Phew ! )

"After you use our product you'll understand it's many benefits" (the inferences being that they will use the product and it has more than one benefit)

"Before you decide which of the many benefits that our product offers is the most important in relation to your purchasing decision let me tell you a few things that might help." (The inferences are that they will decide on a benefit that is important to them and that our product offers many benefits.)

"During the first few months of experiencing our service you'll likely become more aware of the many ways in which we offer substantially more than our competitors." ( The inference being that they will use the service and it is more than a little better than the competitors in a number of ways.)

Before I go any further how much of this have you grasped, so far? Can you see how this will naturally make your communication more vital and alive and can you guess how much more effective your communication will become once you have mastered the use of these words. Does this sound like something you need to practice?

"From among the many positive benefits that you are starting to realize our service offers, which ones are likely to give you the most benefit? "

"As you expand the range of products you buy from us and our business collaboration moves beyond it's current boundaries what do you see as the best way we can easily move forward to the next level?"

I already discussed the power of the word "because" in YourSalesSuccess edition #2.

The word "cause" can function much like "because" in many situations. Along with "As" and "And " they are example of "cause and effect statements". Here are some examples.

"Simply making that statement causes you to understand why you already don't believe it." (Every time they make that statement they'll doubt it.)

"As you start to assimilate the information we have provided you will begin to recognize the many ways that our product can help in your process."

The last two words on our list "Now " and "Stop" are really commands that can be used to great effect. These words work better if you speak them louder and in a deeper voice tone. It also helps to actually stop speaking when you utter the word "Stop". Like below. (Emphasise the words in bold.)

"You may be considering the effort you need to switch to our product. May I suggest that you just STOP? NOW consider the many advantages our product will easily bring to your production process and all the positive effects that will have on your bottom line."

"We've been back and forth a lot with this agreement and perhaps it's time-- NOW ? to consider how we can most easily finalise this deal to our mutual benefit. Now, that seems reasonable, doesn't it ?"

How do you go about talking like this and utilizing these powerful words?

You practice by writing out sentences employing these words.

Here's how to practice. First, think about a specific sales call you have coming up. Then think about some of the comments you are likely to make during that meeting. (Use your imagination and run through the meeting in your mind.) Write down the things you would say. Now, rewrite the sentences inserting the powerful words. You'll notice the power words are grouped in the list above. Take one group at a time and try to incorporate the power words into the sentences you would have spoken. (This may seem clumsy at first like the process you went through acquiring many new skills in the past and wasn't that momentary discomfort back then well worth the eventual progress you made?) Don't add the words in, actually rewrite the sentence. Write up to a page on each group. Then rewrite the sentences again allowing you the freedom to use any of the power words in any of the sentences. Really pack them in!

Repeat this process for one sales call a day or just do the exercise once a day for a month and you'll likely notice how naturally and easily you can speak using the power words.

You may have been wondering where this issue was heading. How useful these words would be. And, as you consider just that, you may find yourself just naturally beginning to experience excitement about what the future holds for you as you begin to understand how easily you can incorporate these words into your sales language, allowing you to enhance your sales results and move beyond the past sales limitations you had before you mastered the skill of using language to direct the thinking of your customer. Now, as the realization begins to sink in of how easily and rapidly your sales results will improve, that will cause you get excited about practicing the use of the power words. Now?

Happy practicing. Here's to YourSalesSuccess.

If you are interested in learning more about selling, please feel free to contact me via the coaching page on my website.

Greg is a salesman. He's been selling for 23 years and has negotiated supply contracts in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and Japan.

He has sold as much as $7million in a year. His worst result over 23 years was 94% of budgeted sales at 99% of budgeted profit. He's now semi-retired at 46.

He has a desire to help other salespeople live a good life, free themselves of money worries and retire early.

OK. Greg can sell but teaching and coaching is another matter.

He has been trained in one-on-one coaching skills acquiring a "Professional Development Certificate in Coaching Practice" from the Psychology Department of the University of Sydney. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ). Naturally, he has attended many sales training courses at home and overseas and is an avid reader of sales books.

Over the years Greg has become more interested in helping people that helping companies.

More info: Click Here

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