Count Down To An Advert

There are hundreds of books available to teach you how to write a good sales letter/advert. If you were to read them all it would be possible to distil all of the recommendations into a 'What to do list' similar to the one below. This list is not exhaustive. No two people would set it out in exactly the same way. It would be quite possible to extend the list a great deal further. This is my version. It works for me. It could work for you.


The headline must grab the readers attention. Make a promise or offer a benefit.

Expand the headline in the lead paragraph.

Don't waffle. You must hold the readers interest.

Make sure that any information that you give is useful.

Make sure your product is of interest to this particular audience.

Stress all of the benefits, As many as possible.

Curiosity creates interest.

Solve your reader's problems.

Talk to the reader as a person.

If you make a promise, make sure you keep it.

Decide what you want your readers to do next and ask them to do it. Make it easy for them.

Ask for an action, 'click here, buy now' etc.

For more information, 'Do this. Do that. Go to.'

Make it easy to sign up. In the copy and at the end of the copy.

Offer a freebie for signing up. (Make sure that it is relevant and of high perceived value.)

Ensure that any links in the copy are working properly.

If you are using an autoresponder, give them a way of contacting you. Your email address at least, your phone number will give people confidence.

If you feel that I have left out something of importance, let me know. I would prefer that you email me but my phone number is there if you should need it.


About The Author

Robert J Farey

Bob has been on line for over five years. He loves affiliate programs because all of the technical stuff is done by the owners of the programs. Leaving him free to concentrate on the promotion side of the business. If this article has set you thinking. Please take a look at:

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