Once Upon A Time There Was No Money

Once in a while a book comes along that can change your way of thinking for the better. A book that free's the mind of its old limitations. A change in the mind or in the ways of thinking on a very important topic. That mind-set is limiting you and keeping you from the greater awareness that the mind is actually capable of. This release of limitation brings freedom to the physical reality of your world and this also translates to the world at large around you.


Do you understand what money really is? Or what it really does to people?

You would be surprised at what money really does to you, what effects it has on you, your family and everyone around you.

Are these effects good or bad?

Have you been pre-programmed to think the way you do about money?

Do you need more of it?

Do you wish the feelings you get from the lack of it would leave you alone?

Do you feel pressured for the need of it?

This book will change the mass consciousness of the world regarding money. It will improve the quality of life for everyone because it provides a higher understanding of money and life from the higher realms of existence. We all know we need some major improvements in the world today in both government and where money comes into play.

Don't be fooled by the current mindset of money and its use where we have all been programmed to think we actually need to keep doing this or that because that is the way the system is setup, that is not a requirement at all. We can change anything we want at any time we want, all it takes is a change of mind.


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