The Hands On Approach

While living in the technology age where everything is computerized, digitized, and auto-responded, it is very easy to forget where we came from, and how all of this progress has almost completely wiped out the personal touch.

In this article, I am going to discuss three different ways to reach out and touch your customers and get their attention in ways you could never do even with all of todays modern technology.

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1. The Hand Written Card

Never underestimate the power of anything hand written!

Wether you have just closed a loan, or have taken an application, send your customer a thank you card with a hand written note.

In this day and age when everything is being faxed or e-mailed, the hand written card sends a gracious and genuine message to your customer that you truly appreciate their business, and that you care about them as people too.

A lot of times customers are left feeling like a statistic, the hand written card will leave them with a feeling that they are not.

(Hint) this also works well when their loan is approved, or when their appraisal comes in, you can send a congratulatory card!

Still with me? Good . . .

2. The Hand written Envelope

I don't know about you, but every time I get some envelope in the mail that is obviously computer generated, and trying to sell me something, I immediately file it in the circular file without even opening it!

However, when I get an envelope with a handwritten address, I automatically assume that it is a personal letter, and I open it immediately and read it.

The same can work for you, the next time you send out a mailer, instead of using typed print or labels, handwrite the address, your potential customer will undoubtedly open it, and you will begin to see an increase in results almost immediately!

3. The Hand Shake

Nothing can be more of a turn off than the "dead fish," or "limp hand shake." This automatically sends a message that you are just not interested in the party you have just met, or even worse, it is telling people that you have no confidence!

Don't let this happen to you! Whenever you shake a hand, give it a firm grasp, and look your party straight in the eye, and give no less than three pumps of the hand.

One last thing . . .

These three hand related steps for attracting business are as old as the hills, but still effective,and in this day of modern technology, they have taken a back seat.

People respond to these methods of contact more so than they would to something computerized.

So please visit this old style of communication, I guarantee you will be happy with the results!

Jay Conners is the owner of the on line mortgage resource center where you can find similar articles and news letters. He is also a partner with, a mortgage lead company specializing in fresh exclusive and non exclusive leads.

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