Restaurant Pressure Washing

Many pressure washing companies try to stay away from the restaurant pressure washing business, while other specialize in it. One reason some do not like it is due to the all the grease, which gets on their hoses and equipment, which in itself is difficult to clean off. Another reason is due to the difficulty in retaining the waste wash water. Sometimes the jobs can be tough as I remember one where in a Chinese Restaurant the owner finally leveled with us that the place had not been cleaned for 20-years. Needless to say we killed our share of cockroaches that night indeed.

When discussing pressure washing with a Restaurant Manager, they need to know that you specialize in steam cleaning of restaurants. They are looking for a company that has cleaned thousands of restaurants and fast food outlets. If you have not done this you will be competing against people who know the lingo and what to say to get the job so you may wish to go to; and buy a "How to Clean Restaurants" video set first, before attempting a sales call.

Restaurant managers know, a customer who has a pleasurable dining experience is three times as likely to return. A recent article in Nation's Restaurant News surveyed 20,000 dining patrons and discovered that cleanliness was rated second only to food taste as the #1 reason to frequent a food establishment. First impressions are obviously important. The competent restaurant manager puts themselves in the shoes of the customer and asks themselves; What does a customer see as he/she approaches your restaurant? Then they look around at the; Signage, Trash Areas, Parking Areas, Drive thru, Walk Ways, Awnings, Patio Areas and Building.

They are asking themselves; are there grease stains in the parking, bird droppings on the signs, gum on the sidewalks, black sidewalks leading from the back door to the trash area? Are the patio areas stained and awnings full of mildew spots? They know they need a regular maintenance schedule by a really good and experienced pressure washing company. They also know they have to keep costs down. Additionally they are looking for a company which has one million in liability insurance and maintains a mobile waste water permit for wash water run-off to storm drains.

If you are ready to go after this work there is a lot of it, these are the things they are looking at and this is what you need to be ready to clean if you wish to specialize in this lucrative restaurant pressure-washing niche. Think on this for a couple of days and as always; Wash On!

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Restaurant Pressure Washing

Many pressure washing companies try to stay away from the... Read More