The Art of Loving & Living

The joy of living is in loving. No doubt, only lovers enjoy life!

Live every moment of your life as a love-live affair and create a win-win situation for yourself. The love-live relationship leads to a world of great joy, excitement, success and happiness. Love your life and let it flourish in a loving environment. Think who else need your love more than YOU.

In order to love yourself, you need to know yourself. When you know yourself then you also know your positive and negative points. You also know what can be done and what cannot. What can and what cannot work for you. Self-knowledge is your greatest power and strength.

Keep the book of your life remain open in front of you. Every chapter of this book reveals the true story of your life. Don't keep yourself in the dark by hiding the truth. Don't betray yourself. Be honest! Take full responsibility of your actions. Admit your mistakes, forgive yourself for the past mistakes and avoid repeating them. Treat yourself nicely, and start living a stress-free and depression-free life.

You need not write down your autobiography and get it published. However, it is important to keep track of the important events of your day-to-day life; your past successes and failures. What lessons did you learn from your mistakes and what corrective steps do you want to take now to achieve the desired results?

Once you know yourself, it would be much easier for you to devise a success plan and work intelligently to achieve the height of success you are dreaming of. Success is the natural outcome of your well planned efforts. It is possible to bring a positive change to your life by making a firm commitment with yourself.

If you are that unfortunate person who sees no light on the other side of the tunnel and considers his life as a burden then you are the one who needs to love himself most. Your love for life can give you a new vision and philosophy of life. Don't ever think yourself as a useless person.

Start loving yourself with a positive state of mind. Be confident that you are going to achieve what appeared to be impossible. Your love-live relationship is going to show you the way to success. It's a different kind of ever-growing love relationship which makes your life colorful and meaningful.

Hifzur Rehman is author of popular articles on self-improvement and editor of his website: His website is a great source of help to those who want to learn the secrets of a happy, successful and a more fulfilling life.

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