Ask for the Business

Many times in the process of making a sales presentation to a potential client, we will break down our product piece by piece, explaining all of the features and benefits it has to offer, then we expect our customer to have immediate buy in, and purchase our product based on the presentation they just heard.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Simply explaining your product is not enough. To many times we are satisfied with our presentation of the product that we forget our number one goal. Closing the deal!

Customers will get up from your desk, or hang up the phone, parting with statements such as, that sounds great! Let me think about it, or let me discuss it with my spouse and get back to you.

The number one reason we do not ask for the business is the fear of rejection. We would rather end our presentation on a happy, upbeat note, and leave the ball in our customers court.

Ask yourself this question:

Would Michael Jordan leave the ball in the opposing teams court, or would he take the ball to the hoop?

You should be doing the same thing at the end of every sales presentation, take the ball to the hoop, except in your case, ask for the business and close the deal.

One of the best techniques for doing this is by asking leading questions.

Here are a few examples of leading questions:

How about we open an account for you right now?

Why don't we take a minute and get you started?

What do you say I go ahead and order an appraisal right now?

A leading question basically leads the customer in the direction you want to go with them, if they weren't interested in your product, you would never have gotten to this point. It is just following through with everything you just explained to them.

They are most likely going to agree with you and buy your product because the information is fresh in their mind. The minute they leave your office, or get off the phone, your business card is left in their pocket all but forgotten, headed toward a wash cycle, or the napkin they wrote your number on is headed for the trash.

Out of sight, out of mind!

So strike while the iron is hot!

Get their business while they are in front of you, because they may never be in front of you again!

Jay Conners is a former loan officer with more than fifteen years of experience in the mortgage business. You can learn more about the mortgage lead industry and how he became involved in it by visiting his site at a mortgage resource center. He also owns a mortgage lead company.

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