The Benefits of Buying Used Store Fixtures

The difference between antique or vintage store fixtures and used store fixtures is simple: antique fixtures have a classic look and style. In many cases they are brand new but manufactured in a style of the past such as deco or minimalist. Used store fixtures are just that ?- they've been used before. They may be only six months old, purchased by a retail store owner who failed quickly. They may be in good shape and being they're not new, if they are what you are looking for, they're probably cheap.

Imagine you want to open a bookstore and you learn that in a nearby town a bookstore is having a going out of business sale. Chances are, once he finishes selling his inventory of books to as many people as he can, he'll sell his fixtures to you at a substantial discount. Keep your eyes open for going out of business sales anywhere near you. They don't even have to be in the same business for the fixtures to suit your needs. Remember, slatwall panels and gridwall panels can be used to display almost anything.

Buying them at 25 cents on the dollar from a store whose owner may have died, or who may be moving to a new location is far better than ordering them new from a catalogue as long as they are in good shape. If you buy your gridwall and slatwall panels used, you can still accentuate them with modern, state of the art accessories to display your products in the best light possible. When you're happy with the total look of your store, sit down with your receipts and your adding machine and compare what you spent with what you could have spent buying all new fixtures. Then, take the difference and regard it as the first profit you made in your new store.

Store Fixtures Info provides detailed information on metal, antique, wholesale, and used store fixtures and store fixture parts. Store Fixtures Info is the sister site of Mannequins Web.

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