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Question 1) List the top five most important steps in the selling process?


1. Rapport.

Help me, the customer, feel comfortable with you. The more comfortable I feel the more information I provide.
The more information I provide the more you understand my needs and wants.
The more you understand my needs and wants the easier it will be for you to sell me.
Be sincere. Nothing will turn a customer off quicker that insincerity.

2. Overview.

Help me understand what we're going to do while we're together today (assume this is our initial visit). I'm looking to purchase a new roof, you're the rep for the roofing company. The overview would include the elements or the steps of the sales process.
EXAMPLE: "Teri, while we are together today I'd like to better understand what's important to you when replacing your roof - such as the style, the color, as well as the budget you are looking to stay within. Next, I'll measure the roof and show you the different options and packages we have available. And, finally, I'll show you what we need to do while we're together today to get started."

3. Qualifying.

Using the right approach and asking specific, relevant questions in a non invasive way.
EXAMPLE: "Teri, have you ever had a roof replaced?
At that time what roofing company did you use?
Is there a specific reason you chose not to use that company this time?
How soon are you looking to have the roof replaced?
Aside from yourself is there anyone else that will be involved in the decision making process?
Is there a budget that you are looking to stay within?
How would you be paying for the new roof?
Cash, credit, or financing?, etc."

4. Presentation.

Now that you've helped me feel comfortable, have identified the steps that will transpire while we're together and qualified me on areas of importance, its time to provide a presentation that would include company bio, credibility, service, product line, etc.

5. Recap.

This step helps pull everything together by assuring you understand my needs and wants. Also, it gives you, the salesperson, an opportunity to clear away any additional questions or concerns that I might have, touch in on the benefits and features of your products, and allows you to show me why your company would be the best choice.

It's not about the close - it's about the qualifying. If you're following a well documented sales process and asking great qualifying questions, the close will become a formality.

Question 2) Of these top five, which is the most important? Why?



Qualifying is critical because:
if you don't understand my needs or wants;
if you don't understand what motivates me to buy;
if you don't know who the decision makers are;
if you don't know if I could afford what you have;
How are you going CLOSE the sale?
Ask great questions and listen for the answers (objections, concerns, fears).

Question 3) List the top three steps in the qualifying process?


1. Identifying the decision maker.
2. Identifying that there is a need or want.
3. Identifying affordability.

Question 4) Of the top three which is most important. Why?


Identifying the decision maker.

Without identifying the decision maker/s you'll invest a lot of time and emotion only to find there are one or more additional people needed to move forward. Don't get caught in the trap of believing the person or people you are talking to will do a better job of selling than you can. If you're not dealing with all the decision makers you lose. And, if by some miracle you do close the sale, it will be a very lengthy selling cycle.

Question 5) What is more important - qualifying or closing? Why?


"If you don't know the answer to this one, WE NEED TO TALK!"

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