Insiders Review on Satellite TV Deals: Must Read For Those Who Are Looking For Free Satellite TV

Nowadays, I am sure that you are seeing ads for free satellite TV everywhere. It is even more significant now as Dish Network and DirecTV, the two satellite TV big-boys, are fighting hard to lead in the market. Most of these satellite TV deals are offering free satellite TV equipments, free satellite TV installation, free HDTV upgrades, free DVD player, first month subscription waived, as well as cash back.

Even though these satellite TV deals often sound tremendously attractive, you are not advised to jump into them recklessly. Satellite TV deals might be, or might be NOT suitable with you; even you are so sure that free satellite TV is the next thing you want to get for your home, choosing the right dealers is also an important issue.

At first glance, a free satellite TV deal seems to be a great bargain and its really simple. Instant, easy, and free! But the first law of our natural tells us that nothing is FREE in this world. Is there a catch behind these free satellite TV deals?

Yes, there's definitely a catch when you subscribe to free satellite TV deals, no matter it's a Dish Network deals or DirecTV deals. Dish Network satellite TV dealers might be giving their equipments for free, while DirecTV dealers might be giving cash back on your subscription fees... no matter how is it, there is ALWAYS a catch! However, we cannot deny that free satellite TV deals have a lot to offer, especially when you compare it to cable TV services.

Is free satellite TV available for anyone?

NO! only first timer can get their free satellite TV. Only new customers having no record of previous satellite subscription service are able to get their free satellite TV. This condition applied to both Dish Network deals and DirecTV deals.

So what's the catch in free satellite TV deals?

The contract that you need to commit! Free satellite TV deal isn't free for the dealers, either. Equipments and installation costs are paid by the satellite TV dealers or service provider. At a minimum, that's a cash outlay of about $200 on your behalf. To make it worthwhile to cover those expenses, service providers usually require a year commitment from new subscribers acquired through a free satellite TV deal. Just like cell phone companies, satellite TV dealers are covering the fees of free satellite TV equipments and other services through your monthly subscription fees.

Yes, as you can see now, free satellite TV may not mean free everything. But it's still the deal I am recommending here, why? Because it is giving a better service in term of picture quality, customer service, programming selections, channel packages flexibility, and a much cheaper cost compare to cable TV deals. For more readings or to get recommended satellite TV deals, I recommend Dish Network deals offered at here:

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Insiders Review on Satellite TV Deals: Must Read For Those Who Are Looking For Free Satellite TV

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