The Plus Point of Free Satellite TV Deals

If you still have not subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network deals, maybe you should take a look on this as satellite TV becomes the fastest selling products in U.S. history.

The plus point of free satellite TV deals offered by Dish Network or DirecTV:

More alternatives:

Lots of satellite TV dealers are promoting their satellite TV deals aggressively. High competition leads to better quality and more options. You can always compare satellite packages offered from different retailers to find the finest satellite systems set up and service for your needs.


A basic 256 channels from Dish Network satellite or 255 channels from DirecTV satellite are commonly subscribed by satellite TV users. TV channels received might differ between Dish Network and DirecTV, but the major channels provided by them are almost the same. Regardless on the satellite TV dealers you pick, the subscription fees are fixed. Thus, subscription fees shouldn't be an issue when you are selecting your satellite dealers.

Satellite TV systems:

When you control your satellite TV systems, you control your TV service. Satellite TV systems are commonly provided by branded names such as Hughes, RCA, Philips, Panasonic and Sony. The same type of satellite systems is also available at local retailers, like Best Buy and Circuit City. The differences are only the price tag and the brand name.

Upgrades & Add-Ons:

Both Dish Network and DirecTV enable you to upgrade the satellite TV systems to include features like high definition (HD), digital video recorder (DVR, for DirecTV TiVo.), interactive TV, and more. Currently, some of the satellite TV dealers are offering HD systems and DVR upgrading are free currently for some of the satellite TV dealers.

Subscriber Promotions:

These promotions vary from time to time. Dish Network and DirecTV are normally rewarding their customers by waiving subscription fees for a few months. For example, DirecTV regularly offers 3 to 4 months of premium channels like HBO and Cinemax channels for free; while Dish Network normally credit back certain amount on your first bill, which equal roughly to two months subscription fees.

Satellite TV Installation:

Satellite TV systems are all installed by certified professionals (unless you insist to do it by your own). Most satellite TV dealers offered free installations where they will set up the satellite dish, satellite signals encoder, and satellite TV program card. Most installations of satellite TV systems are done after 3-5 days you placed your order.

Looking at all the good points listed above, you can see that satellite TV deals clearly are quite some bargains. If you feel that a satellite TV will fit your entertainments-needs, I highly recommend this site: cause I am seeing them offering great satellite TV deals for Dish Network and DirecTV.

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