Predictions of Mayan Calendar Followers? 2012 is Just Around the Corner

Well have you heard the latest of the newest Doom and Gloomers? This on; the Mayan Calendar, which officially ends in 2012 the last year being 2011. Yah check this out;

Actually either on December 21, 2011 or on October 28, 2011. The studies of the Mayan Calendar are interesting in that many have said the Mayans, Aztecs and event the Incans were visited by alien extraterrestrials. Perhaps, and that their calendar came from them. Cool, free calendars, you know I got one in the mail the other day from a company advertising their wares. Maybe that is how the free calendar advertising idea began? But remember that all possible futures can be controlled by free will. If you want to have fun with some math here is how they get to the number of 2012, you might be surprised what that number coincides with in higher mathematics.

However realize that the Chinese Culture has historic writings in excess of 10,000 years back, which predates these cultures writings. Not saying that either is older than the other since the DNA (please read the "Seven Sister's of Eve) show that the Chinese and the American Indian are related and the African (maybe you have some type B blood in your family?), European and US populations excluding the American Indian are all similar to each other. Two distinctly different groups, everything is different down to the type of earwax your glands produce. Perhaps it was the Neanderthal DNA influences in all of that. Never the less the Indians of the Americas came over from the land bridge across the area we now know as the Bering Straights and formed the population bases here and mixed with whatever was here already if anything which would then include the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas prior to any involvement with the Spanish Armada brigade and Spanish Explorers. Were they visited by aliens? Who knew of a possible future? Who knows, probably possible if one believes of the reverse engineering projects on spacecraft in New Mexico. There has been so much debate in all of this and mathematicians constantly try to reason the dates with our faulty numerical system based on ten.

and I can recommend a book on this subject which I bought and later decided not to read; .

Now remembering that the Earth Wobbles and therefore has cycles of non-perfect elliptical orbits of the sun and gets hit by meteors, comets and asteroids every 12,000 or so years which just screws up everything including and debated life on Earth (Dinosaurs for instance) it would be hard to say if this was accurate at all. Now if the Earth does pivot on it's axis in 2012 which is entirely possible and actually should have happened already, but did not to any large degree in the 1936-1956, then one might infer that the calendar is absolutely correct? I would differ such an opinion but would not preclude it from possible future realities of the Earths changes, which could incite a global cooling or warming. If such an event takes place there will be extreme problems near the waters edge as the planet moves it's axis.

Extreme weather would be an understatement, volcanic activity, Earthquakes etc, would occur, major activity. So with all this study having been available should one be concerned? Yes, because the cycles although may not come in our lifetime, they surely will come as they have come before. Can we do anything about such possibilities? Yes, we can balance out the planet by moving ice around, changing reservoirs (China is doing this now, not that they have figured it out yet), etc on the surface and in the perfect balance will come a better orbit.

With that better orbit will also come changes we may not want such as changes in trade winds and cycles we count on to grow crops and shift the availability of water resources to areas that are now highly populated. However if we can change the weather and create the weather and the rain and the rain cycles to our needs we can control the actual destiny of our species and be the better for it. And actually everything will work better since their will be less wobble and more control over inertia guidance systems, satellite placement, smart bombs to fly a cruise missile through Saddam's bathroom window, and self flying planes, trucks, trains, boats, submarines, cars and ships.

Anyway it does appear that we nearly have the necessary technologies to serve mankind in fixing these issues before 2012, the question really is will we and is the Mayan Calendar even an issue?

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