That Dust on Your Car May Soon Be Smarter Than You Think?

Here is a thought to get this topic started. A thought on a smart dust design. The smart dust will have to be able to stay airborne for long eriods of time. I was contemplating cleaning off a car which actually had hightech SmartDust on it? God made dirt on the first day right? Well, yes as the story goes he made the Heavens and the Earth and he made that out of dirt. So as man becomes God, he will need to make first things first. So perhaps the thought of making dust is actually a very noble step for mankind indeed.

A piece of smart dust as the foundation. What would it look like? I was contemplating a small flying insect or a daisy shaped tiny unit 1-3mm by 1-2 mm, semi-perpetual in flight? Here is the basic idea as I explained it to the scientists working on this in D.C. and at berkeley. How about this design for a Daisey-Starfish-Ladybug-smart dust unit? It could be suspended in a particle laser beam and use for anything and stay afloat for days just like the bugs which cross the Pacific at 10,000 plus feet AGL during El Nino.

Part II of the idea: My thoughts are a cup shaped bottom and top in case it tips over with the wings similar to that picture? If would stay aloft, be made out of that NASA Foam stuff, floating around. Material memory opposite way on every other pedal. When the sun heat up it climbs and slowly falls as the air gets cooler. 2 degrees per thousand feet as you go up in altitude. This way you make the material memory set for the ambient temperature during that time of year in the region?

Part III of the idea: Okay here it is. Take that picture and make the devise out of the NASA Foam, with petals which stick out like a Daisy. Each pedal has a small thin wire in it which has material memory the opposite way. A small cup indentation on top and botton, it flies either way as the wind flips it around. Now the controllable sensor and eye or slingshot style nodes to transfer data would be in the center of gravity of this little flying spec of dust the size of a nat.

The sun heats up the pedals to start moving around. Each of the tips of the pedals are magnetized to repel, so they move up and down forever? And a particle laser beam can keep them up when the sun does not come out? This will work or a variation on this idea could work?

Other ideas have been thrown out as well a polymer bubble with a small micro-mechanical device inside.

Another thought I had was a piece of NASA foam which had a micro-mechanical device in side. They would be manufactured in blockes and cut like a block of cheese in a cheese grader like the guilotine chopping block. The block or bar of foam would have implanted with a a special device each micro-mechanical device the right depth in it and then the foam is pushed thru a grid cutter device and chopped and then pushed and chopped and pushed and chopped. The Foam would be CO2 blown foam 95% with 3% micro-mechanical device and 2% polymer. When the day heat up it the little bubbles and trapped CO2 would heat up and expand and float away. The dust 1.5 mm by 1.5 mm cubes. Inside would be the communication devices which would transmit on light waves and be fully functionable and could carry lots of data.

How will we know when we are out washing our cars or SUVs in the driveways that we are not cleaning off dust that is smarter than us? That we are cleaning off SmartDust? Why this will be a benefit for the betterment of mankind: Weather Control, Drought Mitigation, Fire Fighting and Fire Prediction, Military uses Particle Laser Bean uses, remote Communication, disease and virus warning, universal 3D history of the entire human race for possible later Virtual Reality or for re-inventing our world somewhere else.

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