Magnetic Propulsion for GI Joe?

Thought of the day. I talked to an old guy who gave me this idea, he wanted to create a magnet propelled anti-gravity and directional control craft. MPAGDCV. Here is the thought a platform with a magnet attracting steel front a rear panel s placed on a platform with a seat. A ring of a gyro is placed with it's axis on the CG-Center of gravity. The ring spins around the seat platform with a magnet on the apex of the arch in front and on the back is a magnet faced backwards which repels. As the ring spins the forward momentum flips the magnet over on each side depending on the direction of intended travel.

So it either repels from the back or front pushing the craft forward or backwards. Yes it will wobble a little bit in pitch but wait for the rest of this before making a decision. Next a Ring is installed which travels clockwise over and under the platform with the steel piece attached to the bottom of the seat and the roll bar on top. As the ring swings around it is repelled from below and the magnet flips over and is attracted there fore the platform goes up. Which would in essence defy gravity and now you have an anti-gravity platform you can fly around in. If the rings which travel around have steel re-enforcement you can build a third ring which is attracted or repelled from the outer two rings as they spin and the magnets on the third ring flip over as you choose any direction to travel or turn to.

Also assisting in the isolating of the inherent instability of the craft at slow speeds of climb and lifting when the rings are going slow. Later you could build a layered sphere with this control mechanism with electro-magnets firing at the intended direction of travel and repelling in the opposite direction. The sphere would go where ever the hell you pointed it in a 3D plane and would move very fast and work really well in dense liquid like water. It could be built out of composite and circuit boards and heat dampening devises.

It would also work in space. It could create it own energy too as it traveled in dense are by use of the friction spinning a giant trickle charge devise to continually give energy to the firing mechanism and battery system. Single direction objects could really go fast since there would be little weight needed for the propulsion mechanism.

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