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Natural Gas Cost Increases; Want to know more?

A Thorn in the Side for American Business and Consumers - Natural Gas Shortages and Cost Issues

Natural Gas Issues and costs are tough on Americans and American Business. There have been many incentives for businesses and industries to use Natural Gas to assist in clean burning fuel. Natural Gas is a big issue. The DOE has some interesting studies on this; .

I received an email from the DOE. And Stephanie was good enough to point us to these sites:

What this shows is that many industries will be adversely affected. This will hurt the United States position in the world markets for products and services putting us at a disadvantage. Also it will mean higher costs and mean increased inflation for consumers and many jobs lost by companies unable to compete. The worst part of it is the incentives previously given to businesses to switch to cleaner burning fuel and now those who complied and followed the responsible cause due to political pressure from the left are now the ones getting burned. Why? Due to the increased bureaucracy, regulations, NIMBY, who made the promises in the first place. This is nearly as bad a play from the liberal left as the eco-terrorists destroying buildings and putting tons of CO2 and combusted material into the atmosphere? Now that is special. What a contradiction cause a fire to stop pollution? Can anybody see what we are doing to our infrastructures which are already over taxed?

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