UAV Stealth and Radar Energy Capture for Power and Propulsion

A Feasible Idea for UAV Flight, Possible Research and Development Test; UAV Stealth and Radar Energy Capture for Power and Propulsion to drive your enemy crazy.

Powering a UAV, while being able to reuse it, increasing it's payload takes a lot of trial and error and engineering and research, which of course costs lots of money. Recently we saw the NASA announced flying a mini-model using lasers to power it.

Search under; ("Mylar Film" Laser Powered Aircraft). This was done by a team of researchers at NASA's Marshall Space Center. Now then, when we originally thought of such a concept it appears NASA was in fact already on their project. But our idea during the same time period had a few twists. Rather than using the Lasers to power it, we will use the enemies radar. This could be used for surveillance of perimeters of airports, we would in this case use the radar already in the area used by the control tower and approach control. This would men anyone hanging around an airport with a suspicious looking shoulder mounted tube would be seen by the air.

Here is a thought.

Use a composite fiber, with blown chemically coated foam. The main ingredient of the foam, which will make up its body and wings will be Helium and/or N2. Reason being that it will be hard to shoot down with a chemical laser or CO2 Laser, which finds it, shoots at it or is tracking it as a kill target. Also realize that if the inside of the foam contains a substance which can absorb the radar of the enemy into the composite and then use that energy for power of the craft, by way of chemical reaction or enhancement of the battery pack, then you can use the enemies radar to self propel your aircraft, UAV, MAV (micro-air vehicle).

CO2 is the most efficient laser known for drilling lasers, and would also work well with RF to shoot down a UAV, but in this case trying to shoot it down only adds power to the UAV, therefore shoot away, because we can use that same energy all day.

But there maybe a way to have the heat caused by the hitting of the target UAV to trigger a pressure heat switch, which would cause an immediate 90-degree turn as soon as the battery packs were at maximum charge. So in fact the batteries fully charged would speed up the propulsion device and use it up faster while taking on even more energy to while avoiding over load.

If you had many of these units then of course you would over whelm the enemy's resources. After full charged those UAVs fired up on, each time would trigger another turn and the ones needing charge would look or appear like sitting ducks.

Thus one UAV in a swarm could cause the laser system to go berserk. If you had UAVs in a swarm crisscrossing each other and flying erratically, then you cannot shoot down any of them and drives your enemy crazy to try, while they pay all your fuel costs to and from the mission or target. Or perhaps you can soak up the energy of the laser and use it for recharging batteries to fly another 10 hours. Once charged it would simply start the 90-degree turns and speed up and slow down in a randomly calibrated simulation of a pattern only known to you.

This could also be done using material memory of heated parts of the craft so there would be no electronics on board to scramble or interfere with. As the control surface heats up it bends and cools and bends back at specified intervals and temperatures. This would give it the appearance of totally random flight characteristics and an unrecognizable pattern.

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