Launching 400 UAVs from a Transport Plane

How to launch hundreds of UAVs for an autonomous mission from a transport plane. As we watched the MOAB parachute bomb drop out of a C-130 onto the desert and above the tunnels below into Afghanistan, it left the world in awe. Now then this parachute concept has another idea. Launching UAVs, hundreds of them in swarms of 25 to 50, to overwhelm the opponent.

Here is how it is done, the little cute UAVs are put into a bread rack type configuration but like a box made of plastic or composite. It is thrown out the back of the aircraft, okay see ya. Then the parachute opens. The UAVs are launched by relative wind as they dive down after release. Large propellers to start the motors since the motors would have high compression. Or the propellers would spin and break the small cellophane wall separating the chemicals in a little bag allowing them to combine and become a battery.

As the box slows down and the parachute deploys air pressure from under the box would cause the bottom to fall out since it would be on a spring and simply pop off and fall to Earth or it could hang there in an open vertical position until the launching device hit the ground and the door hitting first would trigger and explosion destroying any un-launched aircraft and the box it self, if made of composite it would of course burn cyanide gas so no one would attempt to go near it until it was finally all burned up. As each floor released its aircraft then the next floor would spring back since all the weight of the UAV were gone and the relative air pressure from the slowly dropping parachute started the next set of UAVs on that floor.

The falling UAVs would have some stability and of course dihedral and would simply start flying and the satellite would ping them to keep them flying where ever they were to go. Once in real close; each UAV would go to its exact target, usually five to six per target to be sure, low cost allows for this.

Once the aircraft were dropped out the bottom their higher rate of speed and lower drag than the parachute would easily clear them and the lift from the wing would allow them lateral separation. A small tooth pick could have the horizontal stabilizer in the up position as a temporary trim tab which would come off as the aircraft increased its speed, but stay on long enough to clear the chute. This set up could be used in a C-130, C-5, C-141, C-17 with such ease it would not even be funny.

You could even fly these UAVs in all directions and put flairs on them so they would have a big heat signature or pop out a piece of tin foil or drag a large metallic piece of crumpled aluminum to attract a radar and lock for anti-aircraft or SAM missiles and thus draw fire while AWACs watched pin-point targets and launched against all known radar sites, All because the enemy was fooled by model aircraft.

There are hundreds of types of scenarios and uses for these devices. The cool thing is they do not even have to be viable, work or be operational. It simply sends your opponent in so many misdirectional scenarios it overwhelms them and makes them hesitate to act, thus not commit and gives you the superior edge to make your opponent question themselves.

By flying UAVs with quarter mile spacing launched separately and turning them on in sequence you could mimic a flight speed of an F-18 and they would assume the incoming is a stealth which is remotely showing up occasionally or an F-18 coming in fast. Thus such a threat looks real and they have to turn on their systems to fire upon it. But it does not exist and all they will get after firing the SAM is a model airplane and have given away their position or possibly not even get the UAV, the one in the lead. Then you kill the SAM sight and turn the UAVs in another direction and keep going, they will never figure out what you are doing. Each time they simply at maximum get the lead UAV, which is relatively cheap considering you scored a SAM sight and will soon have air superiority for free basically.

By launching UAVs in all directions with different signatures you could mimic an all out attack from the wrong location, while your enemy sends resources to fight the diversion you are attacking key targets within other territories. A few times of this and they will stop chasing ghosts and then you arm the little UAVs and use them. Or use a stealth with the similar mimicking signature and they think it is simply a dud crying wolf.

You have to value the UAV scenarios. A weapon to prevent war, by eliminating threats which kill people on your team, making it easy to go in to get your exact target to serve your political will with no worries of reciprocal responses which will cost lives on your side. This is most perfect for regime change. No collateral damage and you do not even need a bunch of military lawyers deciding what a proper target is against an enemy who most likely would cut off the balls of one of your captured infantry and shove them in their mouth cut off the head and parade it around town. We are so polite in warfare yet our opponents so barbaric. War is hell and you must bring hell to you enemy.

If your real enemy is the regime leaders, you must eliminate defenses and go get them ASAP, that is the best for all concerned and in that sense if war can ever be humane, as we kill members of our own species and continue this notion of war, then this must be the way it is done. Some day there will not be wars, although a man who would not be willing to fight for what they believe in is not a man, and therefore we must evolve into something else or all believe in the same thing. That same thing could be a religion if you will, a sense of Earth pride, World Nationalism provided we are all of one nation, or admit to ourselves we are all together and we are all of planet Earth. Or we need to unite the world as one and possibly all have a common enemy such as "Evil" "mediocrity" etc. Asteroids, whatever, and something to name so we can unite.

But until then, in a sense we are still a warring species, we ought to find the best way to serve our will with the least amount of future conflict as war is an escalation of political will, which has advanced past the level of reason by one or more of the disagreeing parties.

Too philosophical? Maybe, Perhaps, but you must admit the UAV Swarm idea is part of our future.

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