Micro Blimps Cleaning the Air in Buildings to Eliminate Anthrax spores

Presently mini-blimps are being deployed in government leadership buildings as sensor units to identify biological threats in the air. We believe this new technology being deployed in this way is a most excellent use of such technology. We believe we should go one step better. Anthrax spores can be killed by some household cleaners, it is for that reason we propose a vacuum cleaner system within these blimps. The new mini-blimp device will be an "Anthrax Killing Machine," or AKM it will operate in the air much the same as a robotic pool sweep.

The front of the balloon will have a large screened area and underneath this screen, which will be incorporated into the Blimps frontal bodylines will be a large shallow funnel. The suction device or vacuum system will bring the air thru a set of sensors screening for all the possible biological threats and the air will shoot out the back like the exhaust of a vacuum cleaner and serve as propulsion. If a sensor finds a threat, then a small membrane or sponge will come down and block the passageway between the smallest part of the funnel and the vacuum. Small amounts of vapor will be allowed to escape into the inlet to the outer rim of the frontal funnel. The onboard vacuum will continue to suck the infected air and the pre-soaked sponge or membrane will kill the anthrax spores and discharge the cleaned air. Before we risk the lives of first responders, before we put on white and yellow bunny suits, before we jump to hysteria, lets deploy reasonable and efficient technologies which will get the job done, then we can leave the buildings slowly with dignity and without fear, sending the right message to the people. A message which says we are not afraid, we are not a bunch of girlie men and we are determined to persevere in our resolve until International Terrorism is defeated in it's entirety.

Apparently the recent findings in the news regarding International Terrorists and Insurgents who wish us ill show us that we cannot let our guard down.


http://www.mg.co.za/Conte nt/l3.asp?cg=Brea...lNews&ao=126120

We need simple and easy to deploy technologies, which will warn us of a threat and then take care of it. The future is here and it must include lighter than air robotics. Robotics which will stand in the face of danger and do the most risky work to provide security, safety and peace of mind to our team. We must negotiate from a position of strength and use our minds to over come fear and press on.

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